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Canberra Raiders Cup 2012 Draw

Posted By: Raidercast
April 18, 2012, 10:51:51 PM
Canberra Raiders Cup 2012 Draw

Game times:         Under 18s 12:00pm                     Reserve Grade 1:20pm           First Grade 3:00pm           (unless otherwise specified)

On weekends where the Canberra Raiders play at home, dates of some local
games will be advised when the date of the Raiders game is known.
The Under 18s competition will be played in 2 Divisions. The draw for this
competition will be finalised as soon as team numbers and gradings are clarified.

Round 1                 
Sat 14 April:                
Belconnen United Scholars       vs.    Queanbeyan Kangaroos       (Northbourne Oval)
Gungahlin Bulls       vs.    Yass Magpies       (WBLC)
Goulburn Workers Bulldogs       vs.    Tuggeranong Bushrangers       (Workers Arena)
Sun 15 April:                
West Belconnen Warriors       vs.    Woden Valley Rams       (WBLC)
Bye Queanbeyan Blues                
Round 2                
Sat 21 April:                
Queanbeyan Blues       vs.    Gungahlin Bulls       (Seiffert Oval)
Tuggeranong Bushrangers       vs.    West Belconnen Warriors       (Greenway)
Woden Valley Rams       vs.    Belconnen United Scholars       (Phillip)
Yass Magpies       vs.    Goulburn Workers Bulldogs       (Walker Park)
Bye Queanbeyan Kangaroos                
Round 3                
Sat 28 April:                
Goulburn Workers Bulldogs       vs.    Queanbeyan Blues       (Workers Arena)
Queanbeyan Kangaroos       vs.    Woden Valley Rams       (Freebody Oval)
Tuggeranong Bushrangers       vs.    Yass Magpies       (Greenway)
West Belconnen Warriors       vs.    Belconnen United Scholars       (WBLC)
Bye Gungahlin Bulls                
Round 4                
Sat 5 May:                
Belconnen United Scholars       vs.    Tuggeranong Bushrangers       (Northbourne Oval)
Queanbeyan Blues       vs.    Queanbeyan Kangaroos       (Seiffert Oval)
Sun 6 May:                
West Belconnen Warriors       vs.    Gungahlin Bulls       (WBLC)
Woden Valley Rams       vs.     Goulburn Workers Bulldogs       (Phillip)
Bye Yass Magpies                
Round 5                 
Sat 12 May:                
Yass Magpies       vs.    West Belconnen Warriors       (Walker Park)
Gungahlin Bulls       vs.    Belconnen United Scholars       (WBLC)
Queanbeyan Kangaroos       vs.    Goulburn Workers Bulldogs       (Freebody Oval)
Tuggeranong Bushrangers       vs.     Queanbeyan Blues       (Greenway)
Bye Woden Valley Rams                
Round 6                
Sat 19 May:                
Gungahlin Bulls       vs.    Tuggeranong Bushrangers       (WBLC)
Queanbeyan Kangaroos       vs.    Yass Magpies       (Freebody Oval)
Queanbeyan Blues       vs.    Woden Valley Rams       (Seiffert Oval)
Sun 20 May:                
Goulburn Workers Bulldogs       vs.    West Belconnen Warriors       (Workers Arena)
Bye Belconnen United Scholars                
Round 7                
Sat 26 May:                
 Belconnen United Scholars       vs.    Goulburn Workers Bulldogs       (Northbourne Oval)
Woden Valley Rams       vs.    Gungahlin Bulls       (Phillip)
Yass Magpies       vs.    Queanbeyan Blues       (Walker Park)
Sun 27 May:                
West Belconnen Warriors       vs.    Queanbeyan Kangaroos       (WBLC)
Bye Tuggeranong Bushrangers                
Round 8                
Belconnen United Scholars       vs.     Queanbeyan Blues       (Northbourne Oval)
Queanbeyan Kangaroos       vs.    Tuggeranong Bushrangers       (Freebody Oval)
Woden Valley Rams       vs.    Yass Magpies       (Phillip)
Sun 3 June:                
Goulburn Workers Bulldogs       vs.    Gungahlin Bulls       (Workers Arena)
Bye West Belconnen Warriors                
Round 9                
Sat 16 June:                
Gungahlin Bulls       vs.    Queanbeyan Kangaroos       (WBLC)
Queanbeyan Blues       vs.    West Belconnen Warriors       (Seiffert Oval)
Tuggeranong Bushrangers       vs.    Woden Valley Rams       (Greenway)
Yass Magpies       vs.    Belconnen United Scholars       (Walker Park)
Bye Goulburn Workers Bulldogs                
Round 10                
Sat 23 June:                
Queanbeyan Kangaroos       vs.    Belconnen United Scholars       (Freebody Oval)
Woden Valley Rams       vs.    West Belconnen Warriors       (Phillip)
Yass Magpies       vs.    Gungahlin Bulls       (Walker Park)
Sun 24 June:                
Tuggeranong Bushrangers       vs.    Goulburn Workers Bulldogs       (Greenway)
Bye Queanbeyan Blues                
Round 11                 
Sat 7 July:                
Belconnen United Scholars       vs.    Woden Valley Rams       (Northbourne Oval)
Goulburn Workers Bulldogs       vs.    Yass Magpies       (Workers Arena)
Gungahlin Bulls       vs.    Queanbeyan Blues       (WBLC)
Sun 8 July:                 
West Belconnen Warriors       vs.    Tuggeranong Bushrangers       (WBLC)
Bye Queanbeyan Kangaroos                
Round 12                
Sat 14 July:                
Yass Magpies       vs.    Tuggeranong Bushrangers       (Walker Park)
Belconnen United Scholars       vs.    West Belconnen Warriors       (Northbourne Oval)
Queanbeyan Blues       vs.    Goulburn Workers Bulldogs       (Seiffert Oval)
Woden Valley Rams       vs.    Queanbeyan Kangaroos       (Phillip)
Bye Gungahlin Bulls                
Round 13                
Sat 21 July:                
Gungahlin Bulls       vs.    West Belconnen Warriors       (WBLC)
Queanbeyan Kangaroos       vs.    Queanbeyan Blues       (Freebody Oval)
Tuggeranong Bushrangers       vs.    Belconnen United Scholars       (Greenway)
Sun 22 July:                
Goulburn Workers Bulldogs       vs.    Woden Valley Rams       (Workers Arena)
Bye Yass Magpies                
Round 14                
Belconnen United Scholars       vs.    Gungahlin Bulls       (Northbourne Oval)
Queanbeyan Blues       vs.    Tuggeranong Bushrangers       (Seiffert Oval)
West Belconnen Warriors       vs.    Yass Magpies       (WBLC)
Sun 29 July:                
Goulburn Workers Bulldogs       vs.    Queanbeyan Kangaroos       (Workers Arena)
Bye Woden Valley Rams                
Round 15                 
Sat 4 August:                
Yass Magpies       vs.    Queanbeyan Kangaroos       (Walker Park)
Tuggeranong Bushrangers       vs.    Gungahlin Bulls       (Greenway)
West Belconnen Warriors       vs.    Goulburn Workers Bulldogs       (WBLC)
Woden Valley Rams       vs.    Queanbeyan Blues       (Phillip)
Bye Belconnen United Scholars                
Round 16                
Sat 11 August:                
Gungahlin Bulls       vs.    Woden Valley Rams       (WBLC)
Queanbeyan Kangaroos       vs.    West Belconnen Warriors       (Freebody Oval)
Queanbeyan Blues       vs.    Yass Magpies       (Seiffert Oval)
Sun 12 Aug:                
Goulburn Workers Bulldogs       vs.    Belconnen United Scholars       (Workers Arena)
Bye Tuggeranong Bushrangers                
Round 17                
Gungahlin Bulls       vs.    Goulburn Workers Bulldogs       (WBLC)
Queanbeyan Blues       vs.    Belconnen United Scholars       (Seiffert Oval)
Tuggeranong Bushrangers       vs.    Queanbeyan Kangaroos       (Greenway)
Yass Magpies       vs.    Woden Valley Rams       (Walker Park)
Bye West Belconnen Warriors                
Round 18                 
Belconnen United Scholars       vs.    Yass Magpies       (Northbourne Oval)
Queanbeyan Kangaroos       vs.    Gungahlin Bulls       (Freebody Oval)
West Belconnen Warriors       vs.    Queanbeyan Blues       (WBLC)
Woden Valley Rams       vs.    Tuggeranong Bushrangers       (Phillip)
Bye Goulburn Workers Bulldogs                
Minor Semi Finals 1/2 September                
Major Semi Finals 8/9 September                
Preliminary Finals 15/16 September                
Grand Finals 22/23 September

Source: West Belconnen Warriors


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