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Controversy livens up game

Posted By: Archie
July 28, 2011, 12:26:15 PM
Controversy livens up game

YOUR Workers Bulldogs enjoyed a win last weekend to put us in outright third, a position of strength in the Canberra Raiders Cup competition.

With the finals creeping in the back of our minds and no certainties in the final four weeks, we’ve still got work to do. The game itself was not a bad game, but not great by any stretch of the imagination. We had strong swings of momentum that could have seen us press for a strong result in our favour.

The magic of the day was in the last 15 minutes where there was more controversy than the current carbon tax.

Goulburn’s reserve grade side ignited the crowd to become so involved in the game, that when we gave a penalty away on the last play of the game and handed the opportunity for Matt Gafa to steal the game back after the siren sounded, pandemonium broke out.

The Goulburn family exploded with voices, car horns and the banging of fence signs, ringing true in the Scholars’ ears. When we were kids in the back yard playing footy, those circumstances are all so common, but now grown up, these opportunities rarely show their faces.

After the involvement and feeling we received from the crowd and the buzz about the club, it could be the small taste this club needs of what it would be like to represent Goulburn in a grand final… sometimes a taste is all you need.

This week we have congratulated the club as a whole for the hard work, feeling and position it has got into. In saying that, we’re stressing not to waste the hard work by missing the key stepping stones over the next month.

It all starts this Sunday against the Bushrangers. As a club we would like to thank all of the people supporting us. It makes a huge difference to our team. It’s our club together and we will need your help over the next four weeks and beyond.

Source: The Goulburn Post


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