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The battle to crown 'the best pack in the league'

Posted By: Raidercast
April 05, 2021, 01:05:36 PM
Canberra forward Elliott Whitehead has declared the Raiders boast "the best pack in the whole league" as they brace for a test against "unstoppable" Penrith giants. The Raiders have identified Viliame Kikau and James Fisher-Harris as the men they need to shut down if they are to derail the Panthers' unbeaten run in Penrith on Friday night. Canberra flyer Jordan Rapana says Penrith's pack is virtually unstoppable when Penrith's big men find momentum. Couple that with in-form halves and firepower in the outside backs, and Friday's clash looms as one of the games of the season and will draw plenty of eyeballs amid frustration about one-sided affairs. Yet Raiders back-rower Whitehead is relishing the challenge in a contest that will pit a host of representative stars against each other.

More: https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/7196000/the-battle-to-crown-the-best-pack-in-the-league/?cs=14239


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