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Wayward Dugan's NRL career in tatters (NZ Newswire)

Posted By: RNA
March 31, 2013, 07:21:37 PM
Josh Dugan's NRL career is in tatters with Brisbane ending negotiations with the troubled former Canberra star following an ugly social media spat in which he suggested a Raiders supporter should "end themselves".

Sacked by the Raiders earlier this month when a picture he posted of himself on Instagram drinking on a rooftop and giving the finger to the camera proved the final straw for Canberra, Dugan appears to have learned little from his experience.

Believed to be just days away from signing with the Broncos - with speculation he could even play against Gold Coast on Friday night - the 22-year-old again took to the photo-sharing website late Saturday night with a verbal tirade that included an invitation for a face-to-face confrontation with one of his antagonists.

Brisbane wasted little time in breaking off all contract talks.

"We will not be making any attempt to register a contract for Josh Dugan with the NRL," said Broncos chief executive Paul White.

"While there were some negotiations, they are now over.

"In light of some fresh allegations of inappropriate behaviour, the Broncos have decided not to take the matter any further."

The only other club in the hunt for the gifted former NSW Origin representative were St George Illawarra, but even if the Dragons were still interested, there appears little chance the NRL allowing any contract to be registered any time soon.

"Through the salary cap auditor we are already looking into serious issues that would need to be considered in assessing any registration application on behalf of Josh Dugan," an NRL spokesperson said.

"If indeed the postings are genuine, then they are concerning in the extreme and will have to be taken into consideration in determining his immediate future in the NRL."

It is widely believed Dugan engineered his dismissal from the Raiders due to a falling out with coach David Furner, but this latest incident could have more far-reaching consequences.

Responding to one user who suggested the Raiders were now better off with Reece Robinson at fullback, Dugan launched an profanity-laden rant (with expletives removed below).

"I'd hate to be ya nuffie," Dugan said.

"At least my dog doesn't speak up like you ya loud mouth ... who are ya by the way? I could never play another game of NRL and I've still accomplished more than you.

"Haha righto Marky Mark: go get another Raiders Tattoo then end yourself.

"Your mrs is hot too by the way haha you obviously don't read the news more the fool you haha your a joke.

"All my tats put together are better than your one rubbish one plus your bad head.

"Should call you don bradman ya batting well above average with her.

"Send her my way ill show her the time of her life."

Dugan attempted to calm the situation on Sunday by posting an apology.

"(There are) 2 sides to every story and only the bad side of my story has been told over the last few weeks," Dugan wrote.

"Yes I stuffed up and yes I'm paying my price. But people go on and on about bullying when I am constantly being harassed for simply putting a photo up."

However the apology didn't hit the mark with his main antagonist, who sent another vile message, which prompted an offer of a personal match-up.

"I was actually going to apologize to you but now there's no point," Dugan wrote.

"I'll be in Canberra next weekend if you want words."

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