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Raiders 2013 Membership Television Commercial

Posted By: Archie
November 20, 2012, 08:08:59 PM
Raiders use junior stars to promote their membership campaign

The Canberra Raiders have used the stars of tomorrow to highlight their 2013 membership television commercial, with players from the Canberra Region Junior rugby league starring in their backyard to promote the Raiders upcoming season.

‘Come and see the Raiders in their own backyard’ is the tagline for the new commercial, which stars a number of junior rugby league players from ten junior clubs from regions including Belconnen, Gungahlin, Queanbeyan, Woden and Tuggeranong.

The commercial features junior players having a game of backyard rugby league as the iconic voice of rugby league Ray Warren commentates on the game, with the Raiders current day stars Sam Williams, Jarrod Croker and Sandor Earl all featuring.

The sequence of commentary is a clip used from the Raiders huge home semi-final win against the Sharks at the back end of the season, with the junior players emulating the Raiders stars in their own game of rugby league.

This game is then transferred to the big stage with the junior players spotted in the crowd at a Raiders home match surrounded by Raiders members, cheering on the Raiders as they score the try in the match from the semi-final.

The commercial is designed to highlight the strong pathway the Raiders create from a junior rugby league player to becoming an NRL star, while at the same time putting the emphasis on the fun and family friendly atmosphere of becoming a Raiders member and attending home matches at Canberra Stadium.

Raiders CEO Don Furner said the purpose of the new commercial is not only to sell memberships, but to also showcase how important junior development is to the Raiders organisation.

“We’re looking to push through the 10,000 member mark for the first time in 2013 and this advertisement will hopefully help us achieve this goal by showing families of the region how much fun it is to come to the footy,” Furner said. “We’ve always promoted our club as being a junior development club which provides the chance for local players to make the NRL and with names like Jarrod Croker, Josh Dugan and Sam Williams in our team this season it’s a realistic pathway.”

The undoubted star of the new commercial is 10 year old Tom from the South Tuggeranong Knights, who scores the winning try in the backyard as Ray Warren’s voice likens him to Raiders star Sandor Earl.

Tom is joined by other local rugby league players in Teliya (Tuggeranong Buffaloes), Clay (Queanbeyan United), Jack (Belconnen United), Sophie (North Canberra), Jesse (Woden Weston), Tyler (Valley Dragons), Sugi (Gungahlin), Claude (West Belconnen) and Brad (Queanbeyan Kangaroos).

Source: Raiders Press Release


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