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Re: Round 22 - Raiders V Roosters @ SFS

Posted By: GB7600
Reply #90 August 10, 2013, 07:20:19 PM
Full time Roosters defeat Raiders 28-22. Have to say I'm proud of the Raiders even though we lost.

Re: Round 22 - Raiders V Roosters @ SFS

Posted By: Archie
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NYC Round 22 Match Report: Ahearn and Reuben combine to consolidate first place

The Canberra Raiders Holden Cup side has advanced five points clear on top of the NYC ladder after defeating the second placed Roosters 38-32 at Allianz Stadium.

In a tightly fought contest, it was the brilliant combination of fullback Jack Ahearn and winger Jonathon Reuben that proved the difference in the end.

Through a series of sublime passes and precision kicks, Ahearn sent Reuben over for three of his four tries. While their telepathy proved uncanny, Reuben still had a lot of work to do to finish off the tries and proved to all why he is one of the competition’s most dangerous finishers.

Along with his four tries, Reuben ran for 216 metres, made eight tackle breaks and four line breaks.

Read more: http://www.raiders.com.au/news-display/raiders/81509

Re: Round 22 - Raiders V Roosters @ SFS

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As It Happened: Raiders V Roosters - Holden Cup
Round 22 Holden Cup @ SFS

As It Happened:

Getting close to the start of the top of the table clash between the first placed Raiders and second placed Roosters. Hawkins and Brenko Lee return to the Raiders team today! Go mighty Green Machine!


The teams are on the field at the SFS and we're ready for kickoff in the Holden Cup between the Raiders and Roosters. Should be a great match this one! Roosters kick off and it's game on!

Roosters score early in their first set. They made a break down field then Batiste stepped past the Raiders defence to get the try. Elliot takes the conversion and gets it. Roosters lead 6-0 after 3 mins.

Ahearn almost kicks a 40/20 but the ball goes out just short of the 20m line. Still a good set by the Raiders.

Roosters score again. Reuben can't take a high kick by Tyler Cornish and Elliot takes the ball and gets the try right in the corner. The Raiders defence was very close to taking him out but he just got there. Apparently the Raiders arrived at the SFS late because of bad traffic around the stadium. Elliot tries to convert his own try and is successful. Roosters lead 12-0 after 8 mins.

Raiders score! Pangai makes a brilliant charge down on a Tyler Cornish kick and runs away untouched to get the try! Brilliant catch! Worboys converts. Roosters lead 12-6 after 10 mins.

Raiders go back to back! Ahearn throws one of his trademark cutout passes to Roberts who dashes over in the corner. Raiders have really woken up now after a slow start and are making lots of meters with the ball. Worboys just misses the conversion. Roosters lead 12-10 after 15 mins.

Raiders hit the lead! Reuben steps off his wing and goes over after another great pass from Ahearn. Roosters are challenging the call for obstruction. One of the Roosters gets knocked over by Pangai but it was away from the play. Challenge is unsuccessful and the try is awarded. Schubach takes the conversion and gets it. Raiders lead 16-12 after 17 mins.

Raiders go very close to scoring again but the ball is lost close to the line. Canberra are storming down the field at the moment whenever they have possession.

Raiders are in again! Reuben gets a double in a matter of minutes after Heffernan created space for him down the sideline. Lots of points early in this game! Schubach takes the conversion and gets it. Raiders lead 22-12 after 23 mins.

Raiders score again off the back of a Roosters error. The Raiders made an error and gave the Roosters a scrum on halfway but they dropped the ball and it ended up with Hawkins who beat Tyler Cornish in the race to the try line. Worboys just misses the conversion. Raiders lead 26-12 after 28 mins.

Roosters score. The Raiders made an error on halfway and the Roosters worked it down to the try line and Cornish gives a short pass to Capewell who goes over for the try. Elliot converts. Raiders lead 26-18 after 32 mins.

Roosters force a drop out off a Cornish kick. There has been a bit of a momentum shift in the last 5 mins. Raiders need to defend strongly here.

Brenko Lee forces a drop ball from the Roosters with some good defence.

Raiders are challenging a call. It was ruled that Hawkins touched a Roosters pass mid flight then Lee picked it up in an offside position. Raiders are questioning if Hawkins has touched it. Challenge is successful but its ruled as a Raiders knock on instead of offside and Roosters still get the ball.

Roosters get a penalty right as the half time siren goes for Pangai holding down in a tackle. They are taking a shot at goal. Elliot lines it up and misses.

Half time Raiders lead Roosters 26-18 in the Holden Cup.


Raiders kick off to the second half in the Holden Cup against the Roosters. Raiders lead 26-18.

Roosters score very early in the second half right in the corner. Looked like Ahearn took him out but on replay he got it down just in time. Goodsell was the try scorer. Elliot takes the conversion from the sideline and misses. Raiders lead 26-22 after 43 mins.

Raiders hit straight back! Ahearn gives it to Reuben who puts a brilliant in and away step on the Roosters fullback and races away to get the try. That's a hat trick for Reuben already today! Worboys misses the conversion. Raiders lead 30-22 after 47 mins.

Roosters score from close range with a dart out of dummy half by their interchange hooker Deitz. Elliot takes the conversion from right in front and gets it. Raiders lead 30-28 after 53 mins.

Raiders go very close to scoring but pass the ball out over the touch line at the end of it. Raiders need to settle down a little and just take the tackle in some instances instead of pushing the pass. Roosters make an error and give Canberra the ball back close to the try line.

Too good! Raiders score again! Ahearn puts a perfect little chip kick over the heads of the Roosters and it lands in Reuben's lap and he plants it down for the try. That's 4 for Reuben today and he equals the most tries in a u20s match for the Raiders. Heffernan attempts to convert but misses. Raiders lead 34-28 after 60 mins.

Ahearn gets a repeat set with another perfect kick which the Roosters have to take out. Scrum to Canberra 10m out.

Raiders score again! Schubach puts in a perfect little kick for Ahearn who plants it down under the posts. Cleaver play by the Raiders. Schubach takes the conversion and misses from right in front. Raiders lead 38-28 with 12 mins left. Raiders have missed 5 conversions in this match.

Raiders are challenging a lost ball call against them. Looks like a strip but the original decision stands and the Roosters will get the scrum feed in the Raiders half.

Roosters lose the ball off the back of the scrum and let the pressure off the Raiders.

Elliot was away down the touch line but Ahearn comes across and takes him out with a great covering try saver. Raiders lead 38-28 with 6 mins left.

Ahearn forces another repeat set with a kick which the Roosters have to take into touch again. Brilliant game again by Ahearn today.

Raiders lead 38-28 with 2 mins left in the Holden Cup.

Roosters score after going the length of the field in one set. Conversion missed. Raiders lead 38-32 with 15 secs left.

Raiders almost score on the siren off a Roosters error but they were offside. That's full time!

Raiders defeat Roosters 38-32 and now have a 5 point lead at the top of the Holden Cup ladder!

Full Time: Raiders 38 - Roosters 32

Source: Raiders LIVE Match Centre - raiders.net.au/gameday
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Re: Round 22 - Raiders V Roosters @ SFS

Posted By: Archie
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As It Happened: Raiders V Roosters - NRL
Round 22 NRL @ SFS

As It Happened:

Almost ready for kick off in the NRL at the SFS between the Raiders and Roosters. Blake Ferguson makes his long awaited return to the NRL tonight. Go mighty Raiders lets do it!


The teams are out of the field at the SFS and we're ready to go! Raiders kick off and it's game on!

Roosters will get an early repeat set after Wighton couldn't take a high bomb and knocked it on.

Good defence from the Raiders forces an error and the pressure is let off straight away.

The Raiders look up for this game and are throwing the ball around well and testing the Roosters defence.

Roosters go close to scoring but the final pass goes a mile forward. Raiders get the scrum feed 10m out from their line.

Roosters score. McCrone threw a bad pass which Maloney easily intercepted and ran away to get an easy try against the run of play. Maloney takes the conversion from in front and gets it. Roosters lead 6-0 after 13 mins.

Raiders get a penalty 10m out from the Roosters line and get a good chance to hit back.

Video ref Raiders, ref thinks no try for obstruction. Milford dances around and offloads to Edwards who powers his way over the line. Looks like a clear try. Video ref says try! Edwards scores and gets the Raiders on the scoreboard. Croker converts from in front. Scores are level at 6 all after 20 mins.

Roosters score. They put up a bomb which is tapped back to Jennings who runs over in the corner untouched. There was nobody there to tackle him as Earl had come up to contest the catch. Maloney takes the conversion from the sideline and gets it. Roosters lead 12-6 after 24 mins.

Roosters keep putting up high balls to the Raiders wingers Earl and Wighton. Earl defends the latest one well and the Raiders are working it out of their end.

Video ref Raiders, ref thinks no try for obstruction again. Campese runs the ball and dummies and goes into the in goal. A Rooster is obstructed by White. Video ref says no try and penalty to Roosters.

Milford almost makes a break down the touch line but is tackled out by some desperate Roosters defence.

Roosters score. Jennings goes into a gap between McCrone and Earl out wide and gets the try. Maloney takes the conversion from the sideline and misses. Roosters lead 16-6 with 3 mins until half time.

Ferguson! Raiders score! McCrone gets an offload from Papalii and then throws it to Frguson who has a heap of work to do but manages to somehow get the ball down right in the corner before going out. Great try! Croker takes the conversion from the sideline and just misses.

Half time Roosters lead Raiders 16-10.


Time for the second half at the SFS between the Raiders and the Roosters. The Raiders have put in a good performance so far and are in with a real chance of winning this. Roosters lead 16-10 and kickoff to restart play after a long wait for a kicking tee.

Roosters score very early in the second half after a drop ball by Berrigan at dummy half while the Raiders were working it out off the kick off. Kenny-Dowall goes over untouched for the try out wide. Maloney takes the conversion and gets it. Roosters lead Raiders 22-10 after 43 mins.

Roosters score. Maloney throws a cutout pass to Tupou who goes over in the corner after the Roosters got a repeat set from a dropout. Maloney takes the conversion from the sideline and gets it. Roosters lead 28-10 after 49 mins.

Raiders hit back! Milford bursts through the line and gives it to Ferguson who draws the Roosters winger and fullback and gives a great pass to Earl who goes over for the try. Croker converts. Roosters lead 28-16 after 55 mins.

Raiders force a drop out with a good Campese grubber. Raiders are putting a lot of pressure on in the last 10 mins or so.

Campese down hurt after a poke in the eye. He's in a fair bit of pain and they are taking him off since he can't open his eye at the moment.

Looks like Berrigan has moved into the halves while Campese is off the field with the eye injury. Roosters lead 28-16 with 13 mins left.

Raiders force a drop out from a good Berrigan grubber. 8 mins left.

Campese might have a broken eye socket.

Raiders get a scrum 10m out from the Roosters line after a pass was touched in flight and went out.

Raiders are in! Ferguson just storms his way over the line and carries the Roosters over with him like he was a forward and plants it down! Croker has a conversion from the sideline to give us a big finish here. He moves in and nails it! Roosters lead 28-22 with 5 mins left.

Raiders have a scrum 10m out after a Roosters knock on. Huge chance here! 3 mins left.

Raiders force a drop out from a Buttriss grubber. 2 mins left.

Thompson knocks the ball backwards off the dropout but the refs unbelievably rule it a knock on.

Full time Roosters defeat Raiders 28-22. Have to say I'm proud of the Raiders even though we lost.

Full Time: Roosters 28 - Raiders 22

Source: RNA Game Day - raiders.net.au/gameday

Re: Round 22 - Raiders V Roosters @ SFS

Posted By: Archie
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Roosters top ladder after edging Raiders

The Sydney Roosters have edged out Canberra 28-22 to seize sole possession of the NRL competition lead for the first time since the Brad Fittler-led golden era of almost a decade ago.

With five-eighth James Maloney starring, the Roosters ran in five tries to four to also take a stranglehold on the minor premiership following South Sydney's latest slip-up on Friday night against Melbourne.

The Roosters haven't won the minor premiership since 2004 in Fittler's last season.

The former Australian captain led the foundation club to 10 straight finals series - including four grand finals in five years - and the Roosters to their last title in 2002.

But they haven't topped the table outright since his retirement - until now.

With a vastly superior points differential to Souths and a softer run home than the second-placed Rabbitohs, the Roosters could conceivably even lose their round-26 showdown with their fierce inner-city rivals in four weeks at ANZ Stadium and still clinch the JJ Giltinan Shield.

The Roosters took a while to hit their stride on Saturday night, but three tries in 13 minutes either side of halftime ultimately sealed Canberra's fate.

Maloney, who had a hand or boot in three tries and finished with a personal haul of 12 points, opened the scoring with a 60-metre intercept effort in the 12th minute.

His conversion made it 6-0, but the Raiders struck back to level the scores shortly after when interchange forward crossed for a soft try and centre Jarrod Croker converted from in front.

A tryscoring double to NSW State of Origin centre Michael Jennings, the first off a Maloney bomb and the second off a short pass from fellow Blues half Mitchell Pearce, earned the Roosters a 16-6 advantage after 36 minutes.

Playing his first match since being suspended for a nightclub incident during the Origin series, classy centre Blake Ferguson had the Raiders back within striking distance with a trademark four-pointer on the stroke of halftime.

Ferguson stepped Roosters winger Daniel Tupou and bumped off fullback Roger Tuivasa-Sheck to touch down in the corner.

But tries to wingers Shaun Kenny-Dowall and Tupou, the second from a beautiful double cut-out pass from Maloney, in the 42nd minute and 48th minutes shot the Roosters out to a 28-10 lead.

The Raiders weren't done, though, with Ferguson setting up a tense final five minutes after setting up winger Sandor Earle for a try with a 40-metre burst and then charging through four defenders to bag his second of the night.

Croker's sideline conversion edged the Raiders to within six points of the Roosters, but they were unable to conjure the converted try needed to force golden-point extra time.

The Roosters' milestone win may have come at a cost, with Origin back-rower Boyd Cordner, co-captaining the side with Jared Waerea-Hargreaves in the absence of injured fullback Anthony Minichiello, limping off with 15 minutes remaining.

Early reports had Cordner needing an x-ray for an ankle injury, while Canberra captain Terry Campese may require scans too for a possible fractured cheekbone after also being hurt late on.

The loss leaves the seventh-placed Raiders vulnerable to falling out of the top eight this weekend.

Source: http://wwos.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=8704171

Re: Round 22 - Raiders V Roosters @ SFS

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NRL Match Report: Roosters struggle to contain resurgent Raiders

The Huawei Canberra Raiders have fallen 28-22 to the top of the table Sydney Roosters in a brave and gritty performance at Allianz Stadium.

Canberra came into the match looking to make amends for their disappointing Round 21 loss to the Melbourne Storm at Canberra Stadium and they most certainly did that; pushing the first placed Roosters to the very last minute of play.

The Raiders proved that they can most certainly match it with the best sides in the competition and will look to build on this performance in the coming weeks.

After an error riddled opening by both sides, Roosters pivot James Maloney opened the scoring when he intercepted a Josh McCrone flat ball and raced 60 metres to score in the 12th minute of play. Maloney converted his own try.

The Raiders hit back seven minutes later when Joel Edwards, fresh on the field after entering play from the interchange bench, burst onto a nice short ball by Anthony Milford to score Canberra’s first points. Jarrod Croker made no mistake with the conversion.

Read more: http://www.raiders.com.au/news-display/raiders/81511

Re: Round 22 - Raiders V Roosters @ SFS

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Ferguson awesome in NRL comeback

Fallen NSW State of Origin star Blake Ferguson has made an explosive return to the NRL with a powerhouse two-try performance in Canberra's 28-22 loss to the Sydney Roosters.

The seventh-placed Raiders face the prospect of tumbling out of the top eight after their gallant defeat to the new outright competition leaders, but Ferguson's awesome comeback was a major plus.

The 23-year-old was playing for the first time since being de-registered by the NRL and ordered to undergo alcohol counselling and rehabilitation following a nightclub incident during the Origin series.

He made an immediate impact, scoring two tries from nothing, including one where he carried four Roosters defenders over the line with him to set up a grandstand finish at Allianz Stadium.

Roosters coach Trent Robinson admitted he was almost impossible to contain one-on-one.

"What Ferguson did tonight, coming back in for his first game, just shows why after a few games he walked back into the NSW team there for a crack," Robinson said.

Test prop David Shillington said the Raiders remained confident of making the finals and said Ferguson's presence could only help.

"We've said all week, we can't knock his on-field performances. He's a really special player," Shillington said.

"He served his time off the field. The NRL stood him down for four or five weeks, and then he worked his way back through reserve grade, trained hard and he's playing well.

"That's all we can ask from him and I thought he was great tonight so it was good to have him back."

Ferguson's eye-catching return was compensation for Canberra's likely loss for some time of captain and playmaker Terry Campese with a suspected fractured eye socket.

Campese clashed with Shillington and was sent straight to hospital for x-rays.

"He's not in a good way," said Raiders coach David Furner.

Source: http://wwos.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=8704188

Re: Round 22 - Raiders V Roosters @ SFS

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Raiders winger Jack Wighton speaks to Raiders TV after the 28-22 loss to the Roosters on Saturday night at Allianz Stadium.

Watch video: http://www.raiders.com.au/news-display/raiders/81636

Re: Round 22 - Raiders V Roosters @ SFS

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Reply #98 August 12, 2013, 02:52:13 PM
Ferguson brilliance not enough to save Raiders

It's easy to see why NSW coach Laurie Daley is eager to forgive and forget and usher Blake Ferguson back into the Blues side next year.

Ferguson was simply sensational, almost single-handedly delivering the Canberra Raiders a stunning upset of the ladder-leading Sydney Roosters at Allianz Stadium on Saturday night.

Kicked out of Blues camp in the lead-up to State of Origin game two and having been banned by the NRL for repeated alcohol indiscretions, Ferguson scored two tries and set-up another in a powerhouse performance.
Yet the Raiders fell short, going down 28-22 at Allianz Stadium and having captain Terry Campese nursing a suspected fractured eye socket.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/league-match-report/ferguson-brilliance-not-enough-to-save-raiders-20130810-2rp2k.html#ixzz2bj9UqwiJ


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