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Mounties team for this evenings Grand Final of the #HarveyNormanWomens Rip in girls #upthemulga

More: https://twitter.com/MountiesRLFC/status/1027806473135374336

7’ #HarveyNormanWomens Grand Final @SSFCRABBITOHS get the first try It’s converted Souths 6 lead Mounties 0 #upthemulga

More: https://twitter.com/MountiesRLFC/status/1027821797670973440

10’ #HarveyNormanWomens Grand Final Simaima Taufa crashes over beside the posts. Nice ball from Woodman Converted Mounties 6 - 6 @SSFCRABBITOHS #upthemulga

More: https://twitter.com/MountiesRLFC/status/1027823109334659072

15’ #HarveyNormanWomens Grand Final @SSFCRABBITOHS get over in the SW corner Unconverted Souths 10 lead Mounties 6 #upthemulga

More: https://twitter.com/MountiesRLFC/status/1027824124855349248

28’ #HarveyNormanWomens Grand Final Patricia Raikadroka drops under and crashes over The conversion misses Mounties 10 - 10 @SSFCRABBITOHS #upthemulga

More: https://twitter.com/MountiesRLFC/status/1027827625031389184

HT #HarveyNormanWomens Grand Final Mounties 10 are drawn with @SSFCRABBITOHS 10 at the break Tries to Taufa and Raikadroka while Janelle Williams is 1/2 with the boot #upthemulga

More: https://twitter.com/MountiesRLFC/status/1027828654678536192

40’ #HarveyNormanWomens Grand Final Mounties and @SSFCRABBITOHS still 10-10 #upthemulga

More: https://twitter.com/MountiesRLFC/status/1027833086543712256

50’ #HarveyNormanWomens Grand Final Mounties 10 are still level with @SSFCRABBITOHS 10 Back and forth arm wrestle here #upthemulga

More: https://twitter.com/MountiesRLFC/status/1027836378434830336

54’ #HarveyNormanWomens Grand Final Simaima Taufa earns Mounties a penalty in front Janelle Williams steps up and slots it Mounties 12 lead @SSFCRABBITOHS  10 #upthemulga

More: https://twitter.com/MountiesRLFC/status/1027837455070781440

59’ #HarveyNormanWomens Grand Final All or nothing play off the scrum from @SSFCRABBITOHS but Mounties get the ball Mounties lead 12-10 #upthemulga

More: https://twitter.com/MountiesRLFC/status/1027838860133191680

FT #HarveyNormanWomens Grand Final That’s it, Mounties retain possession and play out the match to win the premiership Great work girls woohooo #upthemulga

More: https://twitter.com/MountiesRLFC/status/1027839292691730433

Great work girls #upthemulga

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How good is singing the song, on the ground at ANZ after winning the #HarveyNormanWomens premiership? #upthemulga https://www.facebook.com/MountiesRLFC/videos/2001943589869723/

More: https://twitter.com/MountiesRLFC/status/1028065301416566784


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