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  Ricky was impressed by the team's defensive resolve Brought to you by Toyota Forklifts #UpTheMilk

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The feeling when you become the equal fourth-highest point scorer in NRL history   #UpTheMilk

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Happy Easter Raiders fans! We hope you enjoy your chocolates as much as we loved ours   #UpTheMilk  

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#StandWithMose ℹ️

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3️⃣ wins from 4️⃣   More photos:  [/url] Brought to you by @CanberraImaging #UpTheMilk

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  Watch all   tries that the Raiders scored in the NSW Cup win against the Jets #UpTheMilk

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  How impressive were these try saving efforts from Wighton and CNK! #UpTheMilk

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  How impressive were these try saving efforts from Wighton and CNK! #UpTheMilk

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Incredible defence! #UpTheMilk

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"I let Sticky know that it was tactical, I though the boys were tired on our defensive line so I tried to buy a bit more time."   #UpTheMilk  

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It was a bittersweet win for @ryansuttonn on Saturday night, as he dedicated his performance and try to his mum and family back home. https://www.raiders.com.au/news/2021/04/06/i-wanted-to-give-her-a-hug-suttons-try-dedication-for-mum-in-england/

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Reply to this thread with your questions for Sia Soliola and he'll answer the pick of them on the Behind the Limelight podcast! #AskSia #UpTheMilk

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  Joe Tapine returns to the side as we prepare to take on the Panthers! Brought to you by Specsavers Australia #UpTheMilk

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NSW Cup Team List! Our cup side will be looking to back up their big win last weekend. Brought to you by irso recruitment.  [/url] #UpTheMilk

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Josh Hodgson, Ryan Sutton, Elliott Whitehead and George Williams have all been named in England's 35 man squad #UpTheMilk

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"The old boys on the left edge have still got it"   #UpTheMilk

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