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The moment you find out you're making your NRL debut. Congratulations Raider #352 Jack Murchie.     #WeAreRaiders #NRL

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Aidan Sezer has received results on a hamstring injury suffered at training on Tuesday. Details   #WeAreRaiders

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Match Preview! Brought to you by @MTAASuper. Tomorrow's clash is crucial as we head to the Shire looking to win our fifth consecutive match there.     #WeAreRaiders #NRLSharksRaiders

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Junior Paulo says one thing he'll miss when he leaves Canberra is how tight the playing group is. Tune in to this week's Podcast to hear more,       https://apple.co/2GpyIhi #WeAreRaiders  

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.@JoshHodgson89 fronted the media earlier today to preview tomorrow's clash. Hear what 'Hodgo' had to say about the Sharks and Jack Murchie. Brought to you by @AustbrokersIntl.     #WeAreRaiders #NRL

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Women in League round is fast approaching. Get your Raiders WIL jersey now! Shop     #WeAreRaiders

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Gallery: Captain's Run! We're all set to head into battle against the Sharks when we venture to the Shire.     #WeAreRaiders #NRLSharksRaiders

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Jack Murchie will make his NRL debut in #NRLSharksRaiders See the updated squad after it was reduced to 19 this evening     #WeAreRaiders

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Proud Raiders Sponsor @ITPAustralia are giving you the chance to win $100K by booking your tax appointment. Book Now http://www.itp.com.au/win  

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GAME DAY! We're up in the Shire tonight to face the Sharks.   Preview:     Guide:   #WeAreRaiders #NRLSharksRaiders

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In a special Behind the Limelight Podcast we catch up with Tony Wood AKA Victor the Viking. This guy bleeds green and is one of the clubs most loyal and passionate members.       https://apple.co/2GpyIhi #WeAreRaiders  

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The Queanbeyan Blues will be out to save their season when they take on fierce rivals the Queanbeyan Kangaroos this Saturday @AustbrokersIntl Canberra Raiders Cup R15 Preview:   #WeAreRaiders #CRCup

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"There were a few opportunities late in the game to grab a fifth try to equal Mal Meninga but everyone kept making breaks and scoring themselves!" - Marshall Chalk   Forever Green: Where are they now? -   #WeAreRaiders

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NRL Late Mail! Here's how we will line up tonight for #NRLSharksRaiders     #WeAreRaiders

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1 | Here we go! Match Centre: #WeAreRaiders #NRLSharksRaiders

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1 | Here we go! Match Centre:   #WeAreRaiders #NRLSharksRaiders

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