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Canberra Raiders Commentary - @RaidersCanberra

Posted By: RNA
June 03, 2016, 06:29:20 PM
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36 | Manly penalty 39m out from our line. A massive set coming up in the context of the game. #NYCRaidersManly #BleedGreen

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/statuses/738644564777439232

38 | What a defensive set from our boys! We've got it on our own 30m line. #NYCRaidersManly #BleedGreen

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/statuses/738644990985830404

39 | TRY TIME! Quick thinking from Woolford sees him take a quick tap and link up with scorer Harry van Dartel! #NYCRaidersManly #BleedGreen

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/statuses/738645194002681857

Great turnout of junior members (and parents) for Autograph Alley! #NYCRaidersManly #BleedGreen  

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/statuses/738645501403234304

40 | Woolford slots the conversion and we lead 22-4! #NYCRaidersManly #BleedGreen

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/statuses/738645560387731457

HALF TIME | What a half from our boys! We lead 22-4! #NYCRaidersManly #BleedGreen  

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/statuses/738646013716484096

The players are back out on the paddock for the second half! Let's go boys, bring it home. #NYCRaidersManly #BleedGreen

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/statuses/738648181592887297

45 | We're in again! Harry van Dartel is over for another four-pointer and we lead 26-4 with a KTC. #NYCRaidersManly #BleedGreen

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/statuses/738649722034888704

47 | Woolford can't convert from the left-hand touchline. Score remains 26-4. #NYCRaidersManly #BleedGreen

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/statuses/738650081935560704

49 | Manly score in the corner through Lucas Price. We lead 26-8 with a KTC. #NYCRaidersManly #BleedGreen

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/statuses/738650624359727104

50 | Conversion unsuccessful. We lead 26-8. #NYCRaidersManly #BleedGreen

Posted By: RNA
Reply #11 June 03, 2016, 06:53:30 PM
50 | Conversion unsuccessful. We lead 26-8. #NYCRaidersManly #BleedGreen

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/statuses/738650889003507712

Are Papalii and Paulo in the team for #NRLRaidersManly? See the late mail at  . #BleedGreen  

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/statuses/738651853370445824

55 | Manly cross for an easy try. Conversion is successful. We're up 26-14. #NYCRaidersManly #BleedGreen

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/statuses/738652104584089600

59 | A bizarre little passage of play with about a dozen dropped balls, but we're in possession! #NYCRaidersManly #BleedGreen

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/statuses/738653226577190912


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