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GAME DAY GUIDE! All the information you need ahead of #NRLTigersRaiders this Sunday thanks to @HuaweiOz     #WeAreRaiders

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This week's Podcast features Raiders CEO Don Furner who discusses all the hot topics at the club and our Forever Green Legend is flying fullback Brett Mullins!       https://apple.co/2GpyIhi #WeAreRaiders

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Hear from Nick Cotric as he talks about his time in camp with the NSW Blues!     #WeAreRaiders #NRLTigersRaiders

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Match Preview! Brought to you by MTAA Super. Big game at Campbelltown Stadium this weekend as we welcome back @JoshHodgson89 from injury and Joseph Tapine from suspension.     #WeAreRaiders #NRLTigersRaiders

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"I'm excited for the weekend, there's been lots of ups and downs along the way but I cant wait to be out there with the team." Welcome back @JoshHodgson89!     #WeAreRaiders #NRLTigersRaiders

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The Raiders Major Sponsor @HuaweiOz and @ISCSport have officially launched the 2018 Raiders Charity jersey, supporting #AutismWellbeing and the Ricky Stuart Foundation. Find out more     Pre-Purchase a jersey now ✅   #WeAreRaiders

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Get down to @TheMawsonClub this Sunday for the game and take advantage of their $12 Schnitzel Special and meet the @mixcanberra team!

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We check in with Raiders boss Don Furner in this week's episode of Behind the Limelight. Download and listen now! Also, features Raiders #ForeverGreen legend Brett Mullins!       https://apple.co/2GpyIhi #WeAreRaiders  

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  "Oldfield will help me with his carries and talk. He's a very experienced player"  - Nick Cotric #WeAreRaiders #NRLTigersRaiders  

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  BREAKING NEWS! The Raiders have re-signed enforcer Josh Papalii. ✍️   #WeAreRaiders #NRL  

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Help @kidceezar as he takes part in the Vinnie's CEO sleep out next week to raise awareness for homelessness in Australia. Make a difference today ➡️   #WeAreRaiders #NRL  

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Mikaele Ravalawa has been named for Fiji Bati for the upcoming Pacific Test against the Kumuls. Mounties Sitiveni Moceidreke and Henry Raiwalui have also been named.     #WeAreRaiders #NRL

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From Rugby League player to Powerlifter, this week's #ForeverGreen Where are they now is Raider #223 Odell Manuel!     #WeAreRaiders

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Round 10 of the @AustbrokersCBR Raiders Cup takes place tomorrow with the Goulburn Workers Bulldogs taking on the Belconnen United Sharks in the Match of the Round   Round 10 Preview:   #CRCup #WeAreRaiders

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"I'm happy to have re-signed for another four years, it was the best option for my career and family, it wasn't a hard decision."     #WeAreRaiders #NRL

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