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The Raiders have been named Canberra's best entertainment venue!   #WeAreRaiders

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Looking for an awesome Christmas party this weekend? Support @RMHCanberra ad have heaps of fun at the Christmas Extravaganza!   https://fundraise.rmhc.org.au/event/act-xmasevent

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/status/1201323960366878721

LAST CHARNZE! Sign up as a 2020 Member by the 3rd December to receive your pack before Christmas!   http://raiders.com.au/membership #WeAreRaiders #NRL

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  In 2019 Josh Papalii was unstoppable. What was your favourite moment from 'Papa' in 2019? #WeAreRaiders #NRL https://www.raiders.com.au/news/2019/12/02/perfect-papalii/

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  Hear from new signing Curtis Scott as he arrived into Raiders HQ this morning to begin life as a Raider. Welcome Curtis! #WeAreRaiders #NRL https://www.raiders.com.au/news/2019/12/03/curtis-scott-the-first-interview/

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One day in and Curtis Scott is already an ambassador for Canberra tourism.   #WeAreRaiders #NRL  

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  "I've heard from a lot of people that it's a really close group of players and it's something I want to be a part of." #WeAreRaiders #NRL https://www.raiders.com.au/news/2019/12/03/curtis-scott-i-cant-wait-to-rip-in-and-work-hard/

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/status/1201758888753680384

A lot of you have been asking about Ricky's visor so here it is! Purchase yours now. A great Christmas gift.  ️  [/url] #WeAreRaiders #NRL

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The RLPA has announced three players directors to its board with Sia Soliola among them. #WeAreRaiders #NRL https://www.raiders.com.au/news/2019/12/05/soliola-joins-rlpa-board/

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2020 Gold Inner Bowl Seats are flying out the door! Limited seats available so sign up now so you don’t miss out! Last Seats Available!   https://www.raiders.com.au/membership/packages/ #WeAreRaiders #NRL

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Get on down to Dymocks Belconnen tomorrow afternoon. #WeAreRaiders #NRL

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Head on down to Dymocks in Belconnen, Tuggeranong or Civic for the book launch of Absolutely Bleeding Green! Belconnen:  [/url] Tuggeranong:  [/url] Civic:  [/url] #WeAreRaiders

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The NRL has announced a range of rule changes for the 2020 season relating to scrums, trainers and tackling players off the ground while also introducing a 20/40 kick. #WeAreRaiders https://www.raiders.com.au/news/2019/12/06/nrl-announces-rule-changes-for-scrums-challenge-system-trainers-2040-kick/

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/status/1202791414448312321

  Our draw for the NRL Nines in Perth is out! #WeAreRaiders #NRL

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