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Up in the gym     #WeAreRaiders

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Reply #14100 November 23, 2021, 01:44:32 PM
Up in the gym     [/url] #WeAreRaiders

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/status/1462965043746656257

   Tom Starling caught up with some of the participants at the @CanberraRL Wheelchair Rugby League come and try day. #WeAreRaiders

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/status/1463009414647066628

It’s time for this week’s 40th anniversary footy cards! David Grant, Lincoln Withers and Jordan Rapana are this week’s featured players. #FootyCard40 #WeAreRaiders

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/status/1463311405634002950

  Pre-season └   Week 3 └   Feeling the   Monday gallery: Tuesday gallery: ...

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  Pre-season └   Week 3 └   Feeling the   Monday gallery:  [/url] Tuesday gallery:  [/url] #WeAreRaiders

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/status/1463371805268140033

   Jamal Fogarty spoke to the media about his first impressions of the Club, settling into Canberra and his upcoming reunion with Josh Papalii. #WeAreRaiders

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/status/1463746512786132993

“I haven’t copped anything from the boys yet which is really good, everyone else in Australia gives it to me so I’m looking forward to all the backlash that will be coming on Monday.” Jamal is ready for his reunion with big Papa! #WeAreRaiders  

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/status/1463779493491851267

The Raiders and @ISCSport have extended their partnership until 2024! Details:  [/url] #MadeByISC #WeAreRaiders  

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/status/1463991613089202177

For this week’s #40YearFriday, we’re taking it back to the start in 1982, including our first win over Newtown! #WeAreRaiders  

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/status/1464036187186810880

Pre-season week three ✅ #WeAreRaiders

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Pre-season week three ✅ #WeAreRaiders

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/status/1464068023866642440

Summer is coming (we hope!) Get yourself a pair of Raiders Budgy Smugglers! Shop now -  [/url] @BudgySmuggler  

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/status/1464096580148023328

Week three done and dusted   #WeAreRaiders

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Week three done and dusted   #WeAreRaiders  

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/status/1464141878207602695

   Hear from Jordan Rapana on the return to pre-season training, reuniting with Jamal Fogarty and getting out of training to play golf! #WeAreRaiders

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/status/1464353275247935491

“It’s good just to be back around the boys and have that banter. Being in one another’s company has been awesome.” Hear from Rapa following his first week of pre-season. #WeAreRaiders  

More: https://twitter.com/RaidersCanberra/status/1464489165719052288


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