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All of us is affected by allergies in everyday life. Allergy is something that has affected each one of us at some point of time in our lives. Sneezing, runny nose, chest congestion, nasal congestion, itchy and watery eyes are some allergy symptoms that can make every person less attractive when it comes to sexual life and well-being. If studies and reports are to be believed, many people have complained that they are totally turned-off when their partners are down with some kind of allergy and want to indulge in sexual activity. There are a few allergies in common which might affect your sexual life which are mentioned below:

1. Fatigue caused due to allergy

Basically, the fact that allergy conditions such as congestion, sneezing, runny nose might hamper a person’s sleep pattern to a large extent. This can have a direct effect on the energy levels of the person and can lead to fatigue. If a person is feeling low due to fatigue, it is obvious that they might not want to indulge in sexual intercourse. This can negatively impact the sexual lives of people suffering from fatigue caused by allergies.

2. Loss of Senses such as Smell

You will agree that one can simply not resist your partner when they smell good. Smelling good is a huge turn on for the opposite sex as it leads to sexual excitement. When a person is suffering due to allergy, they somehow have a decreased sense of smell. This can lead to less excitement for sex and may hamper the sex life of people suffering due to allergy.

3. Other symptoms

Itchy nose, watery eyes and other symptoms which are common as far as allergies are concerned may lead to loss of interest in sexual activity due to the uneasiness these symptoms might cause. Therefore, people suffering due to these symptoms most often do not wish to indulge in sexual activity which may not only require lots of energy but also requires the will to indulge in coitus.

Treatment Options

For people suffering due to allergy, the best thing to do is to try to tackle allergy symptoms with the help of anti-allergy medications. Medicines such as generic Allegra have proven to be effective treatment options to gain control over allergy symptoms and are the most popular treatment options. Other home remedies might also come in handy such as the ones mentioned below:

 • Limiting exposure to irritants or allergens such as pet dander, dust, mites, pollens, mold, etc.

 • Monitoring pollen counts

 • By keeping the surround clean and tidy.

 • By resting

 • By staying away from pets as they might be carrying allergens.

In Case of ED, one could make use of ED medications such as Cialis Generic, Kamagra etc. These medications are PDE5 inhibitors which improve the flow of blood to the penis which leads to stronger and harder erections.

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