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As It Happened: Raiders V Broncos - NRL
« on: June 13, 2013, 12:15:00 AM »
Canberra Raiders V Brisbane Broncos
Round 13 NRL @ Canberra Stadium

As It Happened:

Raiders are playing in the special blue and yellow Canberra Centenary jersey tonight. They look a bit odd not waring green!


We have kick off in the NRL at Canberra Stadium between the Raiders and Broncos! Brisbane kicked off.

Raiders get the first penalty of the match for the Broncos being up inside the 10. Raiders on the attack 40m out.

Very fast pace to the game in the opening minutes here.

Broncos went deep on the attack but McCrone and Ferguson dragged Reed over the sideline. Good defence! Raiders get the scrum. The game has been going end to end so far in the match with both teams getting attacking chances.

What a take and offload by Ferguson! Campese puts up a bomb and Fergy steams through and catches it beautifully and passes to McCrone who goes in to score! Great try! Croker takes the conversion and gets it. Raiders lead 6-0 after 13 mins.

Video ref Raiders, ref thinks its a try. Campese makes a great break down field and passes to Thompson who outpaces the Broncos chase to score! Try awarded! Raiders go back to back very quickly! Croker easily converts from almost right in front and Raiders lead 12-0 after 15 mins.

Raiders get a penalty coming out of their end against Wallace for a strip on Wighton.

Broncos will go on the attack after getting a penalty against Papalii for holding down in a tackle.

Broncos go over but get held up by Ferguson and McCrone. Solid defence!

Prince forces a drop out with a little grubber which Robinson takes dead.

Raiders defuse a kick and survive the repeat set. More good defence!

Raiders go the length of the field! Robinson takes a long Broncos kick then throws a beautiful ball out to Lee who steams down the sideline and beats all but the fullback then passes to Croker who goes in to score! Great try! Croker converts from right in front and the Raiders lead the Broncos by 18-0 after 27 mins.

Raiders are in again! Robinson takes it from dummy half and catches the Broncos defence asleep and gives another good ball to Lee who powers his way over the line and plants it down! Croker takes the conversion from the sideline and nails it! Raiders lead Broncos 24-0 after 35 mins.

Campese on report for an accidental knee to a Bronco in a tackle. Nothing in it!

Broncos score off the back of the penalty with a try to Prince who steps through the line and dives over. Scott attempts to convert his own try and gets it. Raiders lead the Broncos 24-6 with 1 min until half time.

Half time the Raiders lead the Broncos 24-6.


Kick off to the second half here in Canberra, Raiders lead the Broncos 24-6. Raiders kicked off. Go boys!

A couple of errors by both sides to start the second half. Edwards just put a great tackle on a minute ago!

Raiders defend well on the back of a drop out but then lose the ball half way up the field with a knock on by Papalii. Bronco scrum on the 50m line.

Bronco Reed down hurt after he slid into the knees of Ferguson. Looked like he was knocked out for a second there. He sits up now and slowly gets to his feet and will play the ball. Sill Raiders leading 24-6 after 51 mins.

Try to the Broncos. Wallace puts up a bomb and Gillett leaps high and takes it and goes over to score. Prince converts from right in front. Raiders lead 24-12 after 53 mins.

Broncos went deep on the attack but the Raiders defend well and force a forward pass.

Raiders finally get a penalty after repeated infringements by the Broncos. Raiders on attack 30m out.

Too big! Too strong!! Edwards powers his way past a few Broncos and crashes over the line to score for the Raiders. That's his first NRL try too after 56 games! Congrats Joel! Croker takes the conversion and kicks it. Raiders lead 30-12 with 15 mins left in the game.

Raiders go close to forcing a drop out with a huge hit but the Broncos just make it's back into the field of play. Raiders lead 30-12 with 8 mins left.

Video ref Broncos, ref thinks its a try. Dodds steams onto the ball crashes over the line but it looks like a double movement in the process. Video ref awards the try though. Prince converts from right in front. Raiders lead 30-18 with 4 minutes left.

Broncos almost score in the 78th minute but the final pass is thrown a mile forward.

Papalii placed on report for a supposedly dangerous tackle. The refs have done everything they can tonight to get the Broncos a win but the Raiders have just been far too good!

Full time the mighty Raiders defeat the Broncos 30-18.

Full Time: Raiders 30 - Broncos 18

Source: RNA Game Day -