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As It Happened: Raiders V Bulldogs - Holden Cup

Posted By: Archie
August 17, 2013, 12:40:56 PM
Canberra Raiders V Canterbury Bulldogs
Round 23 Holden Cup @ Canberra Stadium

As It Happened:

Getting close to kick off in the Holden Cup between the Raiders and Bulldogs in Canberra. Brenko Lee comes into the starting side for Hawkins who is playing NSW Cup. Creith moves into the halves. Should be a cracking match! Go mighty Green Machine!


Teams are out on the field at Canberra Stadium for the Close the Gap round Holden Cup match between the Raiders and Bulldogs. Canberra kicks off and it's game on!

Bulldogs score very early after getting a penalty in their first set. Some sloppy defence allows the try to be scored right under the posts. Try converted. Bulldogs lead 6-0 after 2 mins.

Vaartjs was the try scorer for the Dogs. The Raiders are waring special red, yellow and black socks for Close the Gap round today.

Dogs score again this time in the corner. The winger Liolevave gets a long ball and manages to stretch out and plant the ball down before being taken out. The Raiders have really started slowly in this match. Conversion missed. Dogs lead 10-0 after 9 mins.

75% possession so far in the match to the Dogs.

Dogs score again. Templeman gets the try after a break and interchange of short passes. Raiders need to wake up here. Templeman converts his own try. Dogs lead 16-0 after 13 mins.

Raiders finding it hard to make meters out of their own half so far in this match. Seem to be slowly warming up to the contest now though.

Dogs score again. Feeney steps his way through the line and gets a fairly easy try. The Raiders just haven't shown up for this match so far. Try converted. Dogs lead 22-0 after 21 mins.

Raiders get a gift drop out after the Dogs took the kick off dead. Chance to get back in it here.

Dogs score a very soft try. Raiders just haven't turned up for this match at all, some of the missed tackles are horrible. Lane was the try scorer. Conversion successful. Dogs lead 28-0 after 26 mins.

Dogs score again. This could get very nasty if it isn't already. At least the Raiders are sitting 5 points clear in first place and we can afford to have this performance, hopefully it will be a wake up call before the finals. Conversion successful. Dogs lead 34-0 after 29 mins.

Raiders finally score! Dogs are challenging the call on the grounding. Pangai plants it down and loses it after its grounded while he's being tackled. Looks like a fair try to me. Video ref overturns the decision and its ruled a knock on. Bad call in my opinion.

Dogs score at the other end after the Raiders were denied a certain try. Carter goes over in the corner off a pass from dummy half. Even though the Raiders deserved that try that was challenged, it has to be said that the Dogs have been right on top of the Raiders today. Dogs lead 38-0 after 37 mins.

Dogs score again right on half time. Their winger Liolevave gets another one. It just really isn't the Raiders day today at all!

Dogs lead 44-0 at half time.


Teams are out for the second half of Holden Cup action. Bulldogs lead Raiders 44-0. Lets hope the Green Machine can get a few and make this score line a bit respectable. Dogs kick off and restart play.

Tahakilu Pangai placed on report for a tackle in the air on the Dogs catcher.

Dogs score again after the penalty against Pangai. Feeney gets his second for the match after more soft defence from the Raiders. Try converted. Dogs lead 50-0 after 43 mins.

Raiders finally score! Mago picks up a bouncing pass from Ahearn and goes through the gap and plants it down. Dogs are challenging the try but it looks like a fair try to me. They are checking for a knock on somewhere but it doesn't look like a knock on. Decision stands and the try is awarded. Worboys takes the conversion and gets it. Dogs lead 50-6 after 45 mins.

Raiders are in again! Reuben goes over in the corner off a great Ahearn pass. Seems Canberra have finally woken up in this match! Better late than never I guess! Worboys takes the conversion from the sideline and gets it. Dogs lead 50-12 after 50 mins.

Raiders look so much sharper in this second half and are putting lots of pressure on the Dogs defence.

Mago almost scores but just loses it in an attempt to plant the ball down. Dogs lead 50-12 after 56 mins.

Tahakilu Pangai placed on report again for a tackle round the legs of a Bulldog that the refs deemed dangerous.

Lee and Reuben bomb a certain try for the Raiders with Rebuen not being able to take the final pass. Still good lead up play by the Raiders.

Dogs almost score but the Raiders do a great job of holding Elliot up.

Dogs score. Templeman gets over after he dummied and stepped through the Raiders defence. He attempts to convert his own try and gets it. Dogs lead 56-12 after 66 mins.

Hopefully this loss will help to fire the Raiders up a bit or the finals coming up. They have played a lot better in this second half that's for sure. Now they need to train hard in the week and turn it around against Manly next week.

Feeney scores again for the Dogs with a big dummy and step through the Raiders defence. Conversion by Templeman is successful. Bulldogs lead Raiders 62-12 with 5 mins left.

Full time in the Holden Cup. Bulldogs defeat Raiders 62-12.

Full Time: Bulldogs 62 - Raiders 12

Source: Raiders LIVE Match Centre - raiders.net.au/gameday


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