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As It Happened: Raiders V Bulldogs - Holden Cup Qualifying Final

Posted By: RNA
September 15, 2013, 03:40:05 PM
Canberra Raiders V Canterbury Bulldogs
Holden Cup Qualifying Final @ ANZ Stadium

As It Happened:

Almost time for kick off in the Holden Cup Qualifying Final between the mighty Raiders and the Bulldogs. The winner of this match gets a week off and will enter the grand final qualifier in week 3 of the finals, while the loser will play the Tigers next week in an elimination final.


Both teams are out on the field for the qualifying final in front of a slowly building crowd at ANZ Stadium. Some Raiders fans in attendance and lots of Bulldogs and Knights supporters for the NRL match to follow. Raiders kick off and it's game on! Go mighty Green Machine!

Dogs get an early penalty for a strip and will go on the attack.

Good defence from Raiders and the Dogs lose the ball over the sideline. Raiders begin working it down field.

Raiders put on a good attacking raid with a break from Reuben. Dogs just manage to scramble in defence.

Bulldogs go over the try line but the final pass was ruled forward. Match is going from end to end at the moment.

Raiders force a dropout with a perfect kick and chase. 6 mins gone still nil all.

Raiders score first! Ahearn gets the ball and dummies and steps close to the line and beats the Bulldogs defence to reach out and get the try after the repeat set. Cornish misses conversion. Raiders lead 4-0 after 9 mins.

Raiders put more pressure on the Dogs line but they manage to defend it this time and are now working it out of their end.

Bulldogs score. They put in a kick and a horror bounce for the Raiders sees the ball land in the lap of Feeney and he runs in to get the try. Conversion successful. Bulldogs lead 6-4 after 13 mins.

Dogs will get another chance to attack after the restart kickoff went out on the full and gave the Dogs a penalty on half way.

Video ref Bulldogs, they are checking touch line. Feeney goes extremely close to going out as he stepped down the line. Try awarded. Looked like Cornish was pushed at marker in the play the ball but not noticed by refs. Conversion missed. Bulldogs lead 10-4 after 18 mins.

Dogs going on attack after a lost ball from Raiders. Need to defend well here.

Dogs kick the ball and it bounces over the sideline and lets the pressure off the Raiders.

Raiders score! Hawkins gets the ball off the scrum close to his line and steps and beats one defender and sprints the length of the field to get the try. Cornish converts. Scores level at 10 all after 24 mins.

Bulldogs score. They got a set in attack after a Raiders forward pass then they put up a bomb at the end which Lane leaps high for and crashes down to get the try. Raiders are challenging the call for offside on the kick. One of the Dogs is clearly offside and comes within 10m. Video ref ignores that and awards the try. Conversion successful. Bulldogs lead 16-10 after 28 mins.

Hawkins coming off with possible hamstring problem.

Dogs are challenging a knock on call against them. Kent strips it 1v1 then a Bulldog gets it back and knocks on. Video ref doesn't agree and overrules the call. Scrum to Dogs on the attack.

Dogs lose the ball and let the pressure right off the Raiders who now have a scrum feed.

Time off with Raider Schubach down after a high shot. He's ok and gets up and Raiders get a penalty and go on the attack.

Raiders lose the ball and give the Dogs a scrum 10m out from their line. Lots of errors from both teams in last few minutes.

Ahearn throws a beautiful pass which the refs incorrectly call forward. Dogs get a scrum on half way. Dogs lead 16-10 with 5 min until half time.

Dogs attempt a drop goal but miss from right in front.

Video ref Dogs, ref thinks try. They are checking obstruction. Seager is blocked slightly but it's doubtful if it made much difference. Try awarded. Conversion successful. Bulldogs lead 22-10 with 1 min until half time.

Half time Bulldogs lead Raiders 22-10 in the Holden Cup qualifying final.


Teams are out for the second half of the Holden Cup qualifying final at ANZ Stadium. Bulldogs lead Raiders 22-10. Big second half required by the Green Machine to get back on top! Dogs kickoff and restart play.

Dogs have a scrum on their 10m after Raiders raked the ball out and it went over the sideline.

Raiders score! Reuben and Brenko Lee combine down the sideline and make the Dogs defence pay. Lee gets the try. That looked like the Raiders we know! Cornish misses the conversion. Dogs lead 22-14 after 45 mins.

Raiders went on the attack again with a great set and put up a bomb which was knocked on. Raiders looking sharper all of a sudden.

Raiders score! Kent scores after the Dogs made an error due to strong Raiders defence and Mago creates the space for Kent to go in for the try. Raiders right back in it now! Cornish converts. Bulldogs lead 22-20 after 49 mins.

And just like that the Raiders hit the lead! Reuben goes in after good passing lead up play from the Raiders. Momentum has completely swung to the Raiders now. Cornish converts. Raiders lead 26-22 after 52 mins.

Dogs put on an attacking kick but the winger can't take the catch. Might have been a try if he didnt drop it. Raiders have a scrum and are working it out of the danger zone.

Raiders almost scored again but a wicked bounce denies a clean catch to Reuben. Very unlucky there.

Great defence from Raiders forces a turnover. Raiders have really lifted in this second half.

Dogs go close to scoring but knock it on about a meter out from the line. Raiders lead 26-22 with 20 min left.

Raiders almost score through Heffernan but the Dogs just manage to scramble and save the try.

Kent goes close in the corner but is forced out. Bad call from refs he passed it before he went out. Scrum to Dogs 10m from their line.

Ahearn gets a cleaver penalty for the Raiders for the Dogs getting in the way of the play the ball. Raiders go on the attack but lose it on the second tackle.

Dogs get a repeat set after Ahearn has to take a ball and go over the sideline off a kick.

Dogs lose the ball and let the pressure off the Raiders. Scrum 10m out with 12 min left. Raiders lead 26-22.

Raiders put on a couple of great sets and turn the Bulldogs around and make them work it out of their end.

Video ref Bulldogs, they are checking everything. Dogs put in a kick with the try scorer Templeman clearly offside. This should be disallowed. They are having a lot of looks at this. They give the try. Disgraceful call. Templeman was clearly offside. Shockingly bad call. Conversion from near the sideline is missed. Scores level at 26 all with 7 mins left. Big finish!

Bulldogs attempt a field goal but miss from long range. 5 mins left.

Cornish attempts a field goal but misses from 45m out. 4 mins left.

Bulldogs attempt another field goal but miss again. 3 mins left. 26 all.

Raiders attempt to spread the ball but the pass goes out. Dogs get a scrum 40m out. 2 min left.

Dogs attempt another field goal and miss again. Brilliant scramble defence from Raiders. 30 secs left.

Full time 26 all. It golden point time!


Bulldogs will kickoff first in golden point. Raiders and Bulldogs 26 all. Dogs restart play.

Raiders get a penalty for two in the tackle strip. Dogs are challenging the call. Clear hand on the ball with two in the tackle. Should be a penalty to Raiders. It is, challenge unsuccessful. Raiders go deep on attack.

Cornish attempts a field goal but misses. 82 mins gone.

Bulldogs try for field goal but Bateman charges the kick down. Dogs get another set.

Templeman kicks a field goal and wins the game for the Bulldogs after the repeat set.

Full time in extra time Bulldogs 27 defeat Raiders 26. Raiders will now play the Tigers next week.

Full Time: Bulldogs 27 - Raiders 26

Source: Raiders LIVE Match Centre - raiders.net.au/gameday


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