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As It Happened: Raiders V Cowboys - Holden Cup

Posted By: RNA
July 07, 2013, 04:18:09 PM
Canberra Raiders V North Queensland Cowboys
Round 17 Holden Cup @ Canberra Stadium

As It Happened:

Almost time for kick off between the Raiders and Cowboys in the Holden Cup. Raiders need a win today to regain 1st spot on the ladder.


The Cowboys kick off to the u20s and we're underway! Go mighty Raiders!

Time off after 3 minutes for a Cowboy who has a finger bent at right angles in a tackle. Not a pretty sight at all!

Raiders looking sharp early and are forcing the Cowboys to work it out of their end, however they give away a penalty and will now have to defend.

Cowboys score off the back of the penalty. Monro dives over under the posts after an offload which left a big gap in the Raiders defence. Conversion is successful and Cowboys lead Raiders 6-0 after 8 mins in the Holden Cup.

Cowboys are challenging a knock on call against them. It was lucky for the Raiders that it was called a knock on as it would have been a Cowboys try and on replay its clear there was no knock on. Challenge successful and Cowboys get the ball.

Raiders score! A beautiful long pass from Ahearn sends Reuben over on the corner untouched. Brilliant ball from Ahearn! Schubach takes the conversion from the sideline and gets it right over the black dot. It's 6 all between the Raiders and Cowboys after 14 mins.

Cowboys score. J Bowen makes a break down the field and passes to as Ahearn gets to him and O'Neill goes the rest of the way to get the try. Conversion successful. Cowboys lead Raiders 12-6 after 21 mins.

Cowboys score again after the Raiders gave them the ball 10m out via a simple knock on. Bowen reaches out and gets the try himself this time. Grant converts and the Cowboys lead the Raiders 18-6 after 26 mins.

Too many errors and incomplete sets are hurting he Raiders at the moment. They just need to settle down a bit and concentrate on getting down the field and putting a good kick and chase in.

The Cowboys let a huge Ahearn bomb bounce and then knock the ball on 10m out. Good chance for the Raiders to hit back here.

Raiders score off the scrum! Pangai creates enough space for Hawkins to fly down the touch line and get the ball down in the corner. Worboys takes the conversion this time and nails it. Cowboys lead Raiders 18-12 after 30 mins.

Cowboys force a repeat set but the Raiders defend it well and are now working it off their line.

Raiders get a penalty for the Cowboys holding down in a tackle and will go on the attack with 4 mins until half time.

Raiders are challenging a knock on call against them. Bowen knocks the ball out of the hands of Reuben but the refs rule that it was a loose carry and a knock on. Decision stands and Cowboys get the ball.

Cowboys get a penalty 30m out and have elected to take he shot at goal. Grant lines the penalty kick up and misses.

Half time Cowboys lead Raiders 18-12 in the Holden Cup.


Kick off to the second half in the Holden Cup at Canberra Stadium. Cowboys lead Raiders 18-12.

What a brilliant Raiders try! Ahearn gives another great long pass to Reuben who then kicks it back in and Ahearn regathered and plants it down. Cowboys are challenging the call. They are checking offside from the kick but it looks like Ahearn was just onside. Challenge is unsuccessful and the try is awarded. What a great try it was too! Worboys converts and its 18 all between the Raiders and Cowboys in the Holden Cup after 45 mins.

Raiders hit the lead! Big Pangai steamrolls his way over the line and plants the ball down. Raiders are looking much better this half. Worboys takes the conversion but just misses to the side of the uprights. Raiders lead Cowboys 22-18 after 51 mins.

Cowboys give away a penalty for a shoulder charge on Worboys as he put in a kick and give the Raiders a great chance 10m out.

Raiders go back to back! Pangai sores in almost the same way as his last try and just barges his way over the line to score. Worboys converts and Raiders lead the Cowboys 28-18 after 56 mins.

Raiders are challenging a knock on call against them. Doesn't look like there was any knock on to me. Challenge is unsuccessful though and the Cowboys get the scrum feed.

Time off after a nasty head clash between Raiders and Bateman is coming off with a head cut. He is ok though.

Cowboys score off the back of a scrum win. Crowley steps and weaves and finds a hole and runs all the way to get the try. Grant converts and the Raiders lead by 28-24 with 17 mins left.

Cowboys go back to back to level the scores. O'Neill dives on a grubber kick before Reuben can knock it dead. Grant misses the conversion and its 28 all between the Raiders and Cowboys in the Holden Cup with 13 mins left. Big finish coming up here!

Raiders hit straight back and score! Hawkins makes a great long break down the field then Ahearn puts in a kick on the next play which is knocked on by the Cowboys and Reuben grounds the ball for the try. Schubach takes the conversion and gets it. Raiders lead 34-28 with 10 mins left.

Cowboys go very close to scoring but the Raiders defend well and force them over the sideline.

Worboys has been placed on report for an alleged eye gouge on Grant.

Ahearn kicks long and puts the ball out to force a scrum with 5 mins remaining. Raiders still lead 34-28.

Cowboys force a drop out after getting in good field position from a penalty. Raiders will need to defend well here. 2 mins left.

Cowboys score. Bowen weaves through the line and reaches out to score out wide. Grant takes the conversion and HITS THE UPRIGHT AND MISSES. Raiders lead 34-32 with 45 secs left.

Full time the Raiders beat the Cowboys 34-32 in the Holden Cup and reclaim 1st place on the ladder!

Full Time: Raiders 34 - Cowboys 32

Source: RNA Game Day - raiders.net.au/gameday


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