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As It Happened: Raiders V Dragons - Holden Cup
« on: July 27, 2013, 07:39:54 PM »
Canberra Raiders V St George Illawarra Dragons
Round 20 Holden Cup @ WIN Stadium

As It Happened:

Almost time for kick off between the Raiders and Dragons in the Holden Cup at WIN Stadium. The Raiders are looking to consolidate their spot on top of the NYC ladder with another win. Go mighty Green Machine!


The teams are out of the field and we're ready for kick off in the u20s. Dragons kicked off.

Raiders get an early penalty but throw a bad pass a couple of plays later and turn the ball over.

A sloppy start to the game by the Raiders with a few errors allows the Dragons to go very close to scoring but the Raiders just hold them out and are now working it out from their end.

Quite a few wayward passes to start this match by the Raiders. They just need to settle down a little and work their way into the match by completing some sets.

The Dragons are challenging a kick that wasn't ruled a 40/20 and the kicker was clearly over the 40m line. Challenge unsuccessful and Raiders get the scrum feed.

Dragons score first. Cummins gets into space and just manages to get the ball over the line as he is tackled by the Raiders. Hastings converts. Dragons lead Raiders 6-0 after 16 mins in the Holden Cup.

Dragons put more pressure on the Raiders but knock on off a kick on the goal line. Raiders win the scrum 10m out and are working it up the field. Dragons give away a penalty and allow the Raiders to go deep on the attack.

Raiders score! Reuben steams down the touch line and goes over almost untouched after a great passing movement by the Raiders after the penalty. Cornish lines up the conversion from the side line and just misses. Dragons lead Raiders 6-4 after 22 mins.

Ahearn throws a great long pass to Creith who almost scores but the Dragons just manage to stop him on the 5th tackle. Raiders looking much better now after the sloppy start.

Great Raiders defence stops a Dragons try on the edge then St George drop the ball on the 5th tackle. Great scramble by the Green Machine.

Dragons forced a drop out but then drop the ball on the 3rd tackle in the repeat set. More solid defence by the Raiders.

5 mins until half time in the Holden Cup, Dragons lead Raiders 6-4.

Dragons win a scrum 20m out from the Raiders line with 2 mins until half time but then lose the ball in a strong tackle. Raiders win a scrum and are working it out of their end with 1 min left in the half but then lose it themselves and give the Dragons another scrum.

The Dragons score right on half time after stripping the ball in a tackle and stealing a try. The Raiders are challenging the strip call. Looks like there were two in the tackle when the ball was stripped. This should be disallowed. Yep challenge is successful and try is disallowed. Raiders get a penalty.

Half time in the Holden Cup Dragons lead Raiders 6-4.


The Raiders kick off to the second half of the Holden Cup. Dragons lead 6-4.

Dragons score in the corner very early in the second half after getting a repeat set off an unsuccessful charge down by the Raiders. Carpenter was the try scorer. Hastings lines up the conversion from the side line and gets it. Dragons lead Raiders 12-4 after 43 mins.

Raiders force a drop out off Cornish bomb and a good chase and tackle by Ahearn.

Raiders knock on from dummy half after going very close to scoring a couple of times after the drop out. Dragons get a scrum 10m out and will try and work it out of their end.

Dragons go very close to scoring off a cross kick but the winger knocks it on while trying to catch it. Raiders now working it down field with a good set.

Raiders score! Reuben gets his second try for the match in the corner by breaking away from an attempted tackle after another good Raiders passing movement. Cornish takes the conversion from the side line and hits the posts and misses. Dragons lead Raiders 12-8 after 53 mins.

Time off with two Dragons down after clashing heads with each other while trying to make a tackle.

Ahearn almost scores after play restarts off a Cornish grubber but just can't pick the ball up before the try line.

The Dragons pass the ball into the ref and will get a scrum feed due to the ref influencing play.

The Raiders go 100m and score! Heffernan scoops up a bad pass by the Dragons and races away to score right under the posts! Cornish converts from right in front. Raiders lead 14-12 with 19 mins left in the Holden Cup.

Dragons are challenging a knock on call against them after they stripped the ball in a tackle. Challenge is successful and Dragons get the ball back 40m out from the Raiders line.

Raiders are challenging a knock on call against them now. Ahearn tries to grab a kick and it looks like he drops the ball behind him. Challenge is unsuccessful and Dragons will get a scrum feed 10m out from the Raiders line.

Raiders get a penalty deep in the Dragons half and will put the pressure on. Raiders lead 14-12 with 12 mins left. Raiders knock on after the penalty and will give the Dragons a scrum feed.

Dragons go extremely close to scorning but a great last ditch tackle by Reuben and Ahearn stops the try. Great try saver! 7 mins left.

Raiders score! Heffernan goes over in the corner after the Dragons gave away a penalty in their own half. Great offload by big Pangai set it up. Cornish lines up the conversion from the sideline and misses. Raiders lead 18-12 with 4 mins left.

Raiders get a penalty for a strip with two in the tackle by the Dragons. 2 mins left with Raiders leading 18-12.

Dragons get a penalty for the Raiders being offside on a kick. 40 secs left.

The Raiders almost score a great try on full time but are just tackled short of the line. Hectic finish!

Raiders defeat Dragons 18-12 in the Holden Cup.

Full Time: Raiders 18 - Dragons 12

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