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As It Happened: Raiders V Eels - Holden Cup
« on: July 20, 2013, 07:33:57 PM »
Canberra Raiders V Parramatta Eels
Round 19 Holden Cup @ Canberra Stadium

As It Happened:

Getting close to kick off to the Holden Cup between the Raiders and Eels. Terrible weather conditions for this match with plenty of wind, rain, hail, thunder, and lightning. Today is Jack Ahearn's 50th NYC match! Congrats Jack!


Kick off to the u20s at Canberra Stadium. Cornish is back playing for the Raiders today after returning from an ankle injury. Raiders kicked off.

Both teams get to their kicks in the opening sets. Kicking and territory will be very important in these horrible conditions.

Raiders force a drop out with a cleaver little kick from Cornish.

Raiders score in the corner! Great hands from Ahearn sends Reuben over for the try. Great start by the 1st placed Green Machine! Cornish takes the conversion and just misses. Raiders lead 4-0 after 8 mins.

Raiders go back to back! Hawkins scores this time with some good footwork after getting a pass from Cornish. Conversion successful and Raiders lead 10-0 after 12mins.

Cornish almost kicks a couple of 40/20s but the Eels just get to the ball in time. Mitch is looking very good after returning from injury.

Raiders score a cracking try! Worboys steps and bursts through the line then draws the fullback and passes to Heffernen who scores his first NYC try. The Eels are challenging the try because they think they were obstructed. The decision stands though and the try is awarded. Cornish converts from in front and the Raiders lead 16-0 after 19 mins. The sun has come out again, this weather is all over the place!

Raiders had a good chance to attack after the Eels knocked on in their own half but the pass from Cornish goes forward off the back of the scrum. The sun has gone again and it's gotten very dark out on he field again.

Eels score off an individual effort by Pauli Pauli who carries a few Raiders over the line with a strong run. Conversion successful. Raiders lead 16-6 after 27 mins.

Raiders force a drop out with a perfect kick by Cornish and a great chase and tackle by Hawkins.

Ahearn almost kicks a 40/20 but it goes out just short of the 20. Great kick to get out of trouble none the less. 2 mins until half time. Raiders are challenging the 40/20 call but it's clearly short and the decision stands. Probably a challenge to have a rest.

Raiders almost score after the Eels knocked on but the final pass goes forward.

Half time in the Holden cup Raiders lead 16-6.


Kick off to the second half of Holden Cup action at Canberra Stadium. Raiders lead the Eels 16-6. Parra kicked off.

A few knock ons from both sides to start the second half. Understandable in these wet conditions. Raiders are challenging a knock on call against them because they think it was stripped. Challenge successful and Raiders get a penalty.

Raiders score off the back of the penalty! Worboys chips over to Heffernan who catches it and steps a couple of times then plants the ball down. Cornish converts and Raiders lead 22-6 after 46 mins.

The rain is getting even heavier now, it could be very nasty conditions for the NRL match the way things are going.

Raiders score again! Hawkins scoops up a bouncing kick and goes over for the try. Cornish converts again and the Raiders now lead by 28-6 after 49 mins. Great hands by Hawkins in these conditions.

Raiders are in again! Cornish intercepts an Eel pass and runs away untouched to score under the posts. Great read by Mitch. He converts his own try and the Raiders lead 34-6 after 55 mins.

The points are mounting now! Raiders go in again but in the corner this time. Ahearn sends a perfect long ball to Creith who runs down the touch line then draws the fullback and passes to Hawkins who scores. Cornish lines up the conversion from out wide and kicks it. Raiders lead 40-6 after 57 mins. That's a hat trick for Hawkins.

Raiders keep putting the pressure on making the Eels work it out of their end and look dangerous every time they have the ball. Raiders lead 40-6 with 15 mins left in the Holden Cup.

Raiders score again! Ahearn gives a pass to Reuben who steams down the touch line and draws the fullback and then passes to Heffernan who gets a hat trick. Worboys converts and Raiders lead 46-6 with 13 mins left.

10 mins remain in the Holden Cup, Raiders lead 46-6.

Raiders get a penalty and will go on the attack with 5 mins left.

Worboys has come off limping from some kind of leg injury. Eels are challenging for what they think is a shoulder charge. Challenge unsuccessful and the Raiders get the ball with 3 mins left.

Full time Raiders defeat the Eels by 46-6 and will retain 1st spot on the Holden Cup ladder.

Full Time: Raiders 46 - Eels 6

Source: RNA Game Day -