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As It Happened: Raiders V Knights - Holden Cup
« on: May 12, 2013, 03:52:41 PM »
Canberra Raiders V Newcastle Knights
Round 9 Holden Cup @ Canberra Stadium

As It Happened:

Raiders V Knights Holden cup updates coming up at 11:45am. Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there!

Our usual match day reporter GB is busy this morning, so I (Chase) will be your commentator for the day's action. Looking forward to two good wins for the green machine!

Getting close to kick off in the Holden cup between the Raiders and Knights!


Both teams have made their way to the field and we are ready! Raiders kick off and we are underway in the Raiders V Knights Holden cup in Canberra.

Raiders get a penalty for Knights being offside off a kick and go on the attack early.

Good defence from Raiders forces a knock on 30m out from the Knights line.

Ball is going from end to end with both sides feeling their way into the match. Raiders get another penalty and go deep on the attack.

Knights make a long break but Cornish puts in a great chase and makes a beautiful tackle and takes the Knight over the sideline. Great try saver!

Raiders force a drop out with a good kick and big tackle. Still nil all with 13 mins gone in the Holden cup.

Ahearn scores for the green machine! A good early ball from Worboys gives Ahearn space and he puts the foot down and forces his way over the line. Cornish converts. Raiders lead 6-0 over Knights after 16 mins of play.

Knights counter attack and score. Bowen gets it down out wide off a grubber kick through the line. Oakes misses the conversion. Raiders lead 6-4 with 20 mins gone.

Knights score again this time in the other corner to Mamo off a chip behind the Raiders defence. Conversion is successful from the sideline and Knights lead 10-6 over Raiders in the Holden cup after 25 minutes.

Four back to back penalties to Knights is putting the Raiders under pressure but Newcastle knock on close to the Raiders line.

Raider Pengai on report for a shoulder charge.

7-2 penalty count in favour of Knights. Raiders are challenging a strip call against them, looks like a clear knock on. Challenge is successful! Raiders get a scrum feed instead of a penalty against them.

Raiders score with a great try and finish by Reuben in the corner off a good Ahearn cutout pass! Cornish takes the conversion from the sideline and misses. Scores are all level again at 10 all in the Holden cup with 4 mins until half time.

Raiders are in again! Great footwork from Cornish and he steps around defenders and gives a pass to Gerard who wrestles his way over the line and scores. Cornish converts, Raiders hit the lead 16-10 over Knights with 30 secs until the break.

Half time in the Holden cup, Raiders lead Knights by 16-10.


Knights kick off to the second half with the Raiders leading 16-10 in the Holden cup.

Knights score early in the second half with a try under the posts to Elias. Oakes converts from right in front and scores are level again at 16 all between the Raiders and Knights with 44 mins played.

Knights almost score again but good defence from Raiders hold them up but on the next play they score off a kick through to Oakes who gets it down. Oakes takes the conversion and gets it. Knights lead Raiders by 22-16 after 48 mins.

Raiders hit straight back through Reuben in the corner who gets a double for the match. Great offload from Lee set up the finish for his winger. Cornish takes the conversion from the sideline and misses. Knights lead Raiders 22-20 after 51 mins.

Cornish is a magician! Mitch weaves his way through the line and draws the fullback and gives a pass off to Shaw who scores! Cornish converts and Raiders retake the lead over Knights 26-22 with 25 mins left in the Holden cup.

Mago barges his way over the line and plants it down and the Raiders extend their lead! Just too much strength! Cornish takes the conversion from in front and kicks it. Raiders lead 32-22 over the Knights with 19 mins left.

Raiders are challenging a drop ball call against them. Challenge is unsuccessful and Knights get the scrum feed.

Knights are challenging a drop ball call against them now, looks like a clear knock on. Decision stands and Raiders get the scrum feed.

Lee gets a ball from Worboys and the Knights simply can't stop him from getting over the line and slamming it down! Cornish takes the conversion and just misses. Raiders lead 36-22 over Knights with 14 mins left.

Knights score a long range try to Elias who only just gets over in the corner. Cornish almost got him out at the last second. Oakes misses the conversion and Raiders lead 36-26 with 11 mins to go in the match.

Ahearn slides through the Knights defence and scores! Very good play by the green machine fullback. Cornish misses the conversion and Raiders lead by 40-26 with 4 mins left in the Holden cup.

Full time in the Holden cup, Raiders defeat Knights 40-26 and extend their unbeaten streak to eight in a row.

Full Time: Raiders 40 - Knights 26

Source: RNA Game Day -