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As It Happened: Raiders V Manly - Holden Cup

Posted By: Archie
August 25, 2013, 04:13:36 PM
Canberra Raiders V Manly Sea Eagles
Round 24 Holden Cup @ Canberra Stadium

As It Happened:

Teams are out of the field for the Holden Cup clash between Raiders and Manly. Sea Eagles kick off and it's game on! Go mighty Raiders!


Raiders go deep on the attack early but lose the ball about 20m out from the Manly line. Beautiful day for footy in Canberra today.

Raiders score! Reuben gets the try in the corner after a great offload from Lee off the back of a scum in Manly's half. Good start by the Raiders! Cornish takes the conversion from the sideline and curves it in. Raiders lead 6-0 after 6 mins.

Manly kick the ball out on the full from the restart of play and give the Raiders a penalty on half way.

Manly score off an intercept. The Raiders were deep on the attack and Cornish throws a long ball which Goodall grabs and races the length of the field to score. Stig takes the conversion and gets it. Scores level at 6 all after 11 mins.

Manly score again after getting a penalty to get in good field position. They grubber through and the ball rebounds off the posts into the hands of Short and he grabs it and scores. Bit unlucky there for the Raiders. Stig converts. Manly lead 12-6 after 14 mins.

Raiders hit straight back! Cornish put up a high ball after a good set and Manly knocked it on and gave Canberra a repeat set. Then Lee just shows too much power and barges his way over the line to get the try out wide. Cornish misses the conversion. Manly lead 12-10 after 18 mins.

Raiders are in again! Mago just runs past some weak Manly defence and gets over the line for an easy try after the Raiders got back on the attack after a penalty. Cornish converts. Raiders lead 16-12 after 21 mins.

Raiders go close to scoring again but the kick from Worboys to Reuben ends up going out.

Manly player Knight sent to the sin bin for a professional foul after he tried to strip Garrard of the ball close to the line after he made a long break.

Raiders score from close range! Hawkins steps back inside off a Cornish pass and weaves through the Manly defence to get the try. Cornish converts. Raiders lead Manly 22-12 after 29 mins.

Manly score after getting a penalty to get in good field position. Vasek dives over from dummy half to get a relatively easy try. Stig misses the conversion. Raiders lead 22-16 after 33 mins.

Manly score back to back. They make a break down the side of the field and Ikuvalu manages to get the try after they linked some passes together and got past the scrambling Raiders defence. Stig converts. Scores are level at 22 all after 36 mins.

Knight is back on the field for Manly after serving his time in the sin bin.

Manly score right on half time. Worboys put in a grubber while the Raiders were attacking and Short manages to grab it and beat the Raiders defenders then race away to get the try at the other end of the field. Stig converts from in front.

Half time Manly lead Raiders 28-22 in the Holden Cup.


Teams are ready for the second half of Holden Cup action at Canberra Stadium. Raiders kick off to restart play. Manly lead 28-22.

Hawkins hasn't come back out onto the field for the second half and is standing on the sideline talking to trainers. Seems to be laughing though so he can't be that hurt.

What a freakish try! Reuben scores after Ahearn put in a little chip kick which had a horror bounce on it for the Manly fullback and Reuben swoops in and grabs it and races over the line to score. Cornish converts. Scores level again at 28 all after 46 mins.

Raiders go close to scoring but Manly just manage to clean up a Worboys grubber. Canberra are really starting to pressure the Eagles line now.

Manly score after getting a couple of six again calls from the Raiders touching the ball. Trbojevic barges his way over the line and just manages to get the ball down despite some desperate last ditch by the Raiders. Stig misses the conversion. Manly lead Raiders 32-28 after 57 mins.

Raiders are challenging a call. The original decision was a strip against the Raiders and then a knock on but Cornish is saying that the Raiders haven't knocked on. Looks like there was no knock on. Challenge is successful and decision is overturned. Raiders get the ball.

Raiders score off the back of the successful challenge! Ahearn gets the ball close to the line and steps through the Manly defence to get the try. Cornish converts. Raiders lead 34-32 after 60 mins.

Great try Raiders! Worboys shows some great footwork and passes to Mago who goes over untouched to get the try. Brilliant play by Worboys! Cornish converts. Raiders lead 40-32 with 15 mins left.

Time off with 14 mins to go with two Manly players injured. Vasek has come off with some kind of shoulder problem while Stig was down behind play hurt after copping an elbow from a teammate. Play resumes with Stig remaining on the field and Vasek off.

Raiders score a length of the field try! Heffernan scooped up a Manly grubber and streaked away chased by a host of Eagles who almost caught him but he stepped back inside and then passed to Creith who got the try in the corner. Cornish converts from the sideline. Raiders lead 46-32 after 71 mins.

Tavita Pangai placed on report for an alleged swinging arm in a tackle.

Raiders score again and crack the half century! Mago intercepts a pass from Short and the big guy runs the length of the field to get the try under the posts. Cornish converts. Raiders lead 52-32 with 4 mins left.

Manly score after the Raiders couldn't take a high bomb. Ikuvalu gets the ball down for the try. Raiders are challenging the call because they think Manly have knocked on but it looks like it will be a try. Challenge unsuccessful and the try is awarded. This is now the highest scoring game of the year in the Holden Cup with a total of 90 points in the game.

Full time Raiders defeat Manly 52-38 in the Holden Cup and move one step closer to securing the minor premiership.

Full Time: Raiders 52 - Sea Eagles 38

Source: Raiders LIVE Match Centre - raiders.net.au/gameday


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