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As It Happened: Raiders V Panthers - Holden Cup
« on: June 15, 2013, 07:29:54 PM »
Canberra Raiders V Penrith Panthers
Round 14 Holden Cup @ Canberra Stadium

As It Happened:

Almost time for the top of the table Holden Cup clash between the mighty Raiders and Panthers. Mitch Cornish is a late inclusion for the Raiders after returning from injury.

Teams are taking the field now. Huge match this game with the winner taking first place on the Holden cup ladder.


We are underway in the Holden Cup in Canberra between the Raiders and Panthers! Raiders kicked off. Go green machine!

Panthers got an early attacking chance after a penalty but kick the ball dead on the 5th tackle. Raiders working it out of their end.

Raiders score in their first set with the footy! Ahearn goes over after Cornish put Lynch into space! Great try! Cornish converts. Raiders lead 6-0 after 3 mins.

Good defence from Raiders forces a Panthers knock on 30m out from their line. Great attacking chance here.

Cornish almost forces a drop out but Panthers just get it back into the field of play.

Cornish looking very good after returning from injury. His kicking and passing are first class.

Cleaver play by Reuben almost gets him a try with a little chip and regather but he was tackled and lost it on the last. Raiders looking very good at the moment.

Panthers get a penalty and score a try off the back of it. Clark dives over the line from close range after a bit of soft defence from the Raiders. Try was against the run of play. Conversion successful. It's 6 all after 14 mins.

A 4-0 penalty count to the Panthers already after 17 mins is giving them a big chance.

Try to Panthers, Raiders are challenging it though. They are checking for a pass off the ground. Blake goes over in the corner and just gets it down after an offload that was extremely close to being off the ground. Challenge is unsuccessful and the try is awarded. The conversion from the sideline is successful. Panthers lead Raiders by 12-6 after 19 mins. Penalties are really hurting the Raiders so far.

Barnett placed on report for a high tackle and the Panthers get another penalty.

Raiders defend well then Cornish finds touch with a long clearing kick to give Canberra a break.

Raiders finally given a penalty for Panthers being offside inside the 10.

Penalty count is now 6-1 to Panthers after 27 mins. Ref will blow the pea out of the whistle by half time at this rate!

Good Raiders defence forces a Panthers knock on in heir own half. Chance for Raiders to hit back now.

Raiders almost sore but force a drop out instead.

Panthers almost kick a 40/20 but it goes out just short of the 20. Scrum to the Raiders.

Good kick by Ahearn and chase by Reuben forces a drop out.

Raiders score! Bateman reaches over and plants it down after a beautiful pass from Cornish put him into a big hole. Cornish takes the conversion from in front and nails it. Scores level again at 12 all in he Holden Cup between the Raiders and Panthers after 36 mins.

Ahearn kicks a brilliant 40/20 to put the Raiders right on the attack 2 mins from half time.

Panthers are challenging the 40/20 for some reason, it's a clear 40/20. Must be looking for a rest because there was nothing to challenge there. Challenge unsuccessful. Raiders win the scrum then throw a forward pass a couple of plays later. Scrum to Panthers.

Half time in the Holden Cup and the scores are level at 12 all between the Raiders and Panthers.


Panthers kick off to the second half of Holden Cup action at Canberra Stadium. Scores are level at 12 all.

Pangai almost scores in the first set of the second half but is held up.

Raiders get a good attacking chance after Panthers gave away a penalty for being inside the 10.

Raiders force a drop out from a kick from the big fella Shaw who shouldn't have been kicking but put in a great one anyway.

Forward pass ruled against Cornish on the back of the drop out. Panthers get a scrum and are let off the hook.

Big Pangai barges over for the Raiders and plants it down! Too much strength! Hawkins has a hamstring injury and is off for the Raiders and Cornish is limping with a possible ankle problem but is trying to walk it off. Worboys converts the try. Raiders lead the Panthers 18-12 after 51 mins.

Raiders go back to back! Creith goes in after Reuben went flying down the touch line and gave him a good pass to beat the Penrith fullback. Worboys converts again and the Raiders lead 24-12 after 53 mins.

What a ball! Raiders are in again! Cornish throws a perfect long cutout pass to Kent who goes over in the corner! Raiders have really hit the accelerator all of a sudden and are starting to rack up a score. Worboys converts and Raiders lead 30-12 after 56 mins.

Cornish has come off with a limp and is sitting on the bench getting some attention on his ankle.

Lynch almost scores for the Raiders but loses it in a desperation tackle over the line from the Panthers.

Ahearn almost scores for the Raiders but is held up on the last tackle.

Raiders get a penalty 20m out from the Panthers line and elect to take the two. Penalty was for a late hit on a Raider after he passed the ball. Worboys kicks the penalty and the Raiders now lead 32-12 with 8 mins left.

Try to Panthers. Tangitau dives over from close range after an offload. Conversion successful. Raiders lead 32-18 with 4 mins left.

Panthers go close to scoring but are held up by good Raiders defence.

Panthers force a drop out. Raiders lead 32-18 with 2 mins left.

Panthers knock on due to a good tackle from the green machine. 1 min left. Scrum to Raiders.

Full time in the Holden Cup. Mighty Raiders defeat the Panthers 32-18 and cement their place at the very top of the u20s ladder.

Full Time: Raiders 32 - Panthers 18

Source: RNA Game Day -