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As It Happened: Raiders V Panthers - Holden Cup Preliminary Final

Posted By: RNA
September 28, 2013, 07:14:24 PM
Canberra Raiders V Penrith Panthers
Holden Cup Preliminary Final @ SFS

As It Happened:

Getting close to kick off in the Holden Cup preliminary final between the mighty Raiders and the Panthers. The winner will play the Warriors next weekend in the grand final. Hawkins comes back into the starting side on the wing for the Raiders while Tevita Pangai returns to the team on the bench. Lets do it mighty Raiders!


Both teams are now on the field at the SFS for this battle to make the grand final and we're ready to go! Ref blows time on and the Panthers kick off and start the game. Go mighty Raiders!

Panthers force an early drop out with a kick which Ahearn does well to clean up.

Good defence from the Raiders forces a lost ball from the Panthers after the drop out. Raiders have a scrum 10m from their line.

Panthers go on the attack again but the Raiders are defending very well so far. Very fast start to the game.

Panthers score. They created some space down the middle of the field and Moss receives the ball after Ahearn was drawn in and he runs under the posts to get the try. Conversion successful. Panthers lead 6-0 after 8 mins.

Panthers attack again but great Raiders defence forces a turnover. Penrith have started this game very fast.

Panthers were claiming a try but ref rules a knock on. Panthers are now challenging the call. Roberts goes high for a kick and appears to have knocked it forward in a contest with Hawkins. Looks like a clear knock forward to me. Decision stands. 20m tap to Raiders.

Raiders went on the attack and put together a nice passage of passes but the ball was eventually lost forward. Panthers have a scrum in their half and will try and work it out of trouble.

Video ref Panthers, ref says no try. They are checking grounding. A desperate Cornish dives for the ball and may have grounded the ball. Panthers are definitely offside off the kick beforehand anyway. No try. Offside off the kick is the ruling. Penalty to Raiders.

Time off while the Raiders we attacking for a Panther down injured with a possible dislocated shoulder. He's in a heap of pain. Smith is the player and he is coming off. Play resumes. Ahearn kicked for Reuben but the ball just beats him over the sideline.

Panthers still lead 6-0 after 20 mins. Both sides have had quite a few attacking chances in the opening 20 mins.

Panthers score. Reuben and Ahearn combine to make a brilliant try saver but they scored on the next play as no other Raiders were there to defend after the break was made. Attwood was the try scorer. Conversion successful. Panthers lead 12-0 after 22 mins.

Hawkins stops the Panthers from forcing a drop out with an immense show of strength to get back into the field of play after cleaning up a kick.

Time off with Heffernan receiving treatment for a leg problem but he gets back up and starts running it off. Time resumes with the Panthers on the attack.

Raiders almost created something down the sideline but the pass from Lee goes over the sideline. Raiders need to settle down a little and just complete some sets and get the pressure on. Don't need to score off each play.

Brilliant defence by the Raiders forces a knock on from the Panthers right on their try line. Big chance to Raiders with a scrum in attack 10m out.

Raiders almost score off a kick from Worboys to Reuben but the ball just goes dead before he can get to it.

Panthers score. They receive a repeat set after a pass brushed a Raiders hand and then they string some offloads together in the middle of the field and eventually got over under the posts. Conversion successful. Panthers lead 18-0 after 35 mins.

Raiders make a great break through Pangai and almost score but he loses the ball trying to offload it. Raiders have looked dangerous at times but the final pass isn't sticking.

Panthers attempt a field goal but it misses.

Raiders score right on half time! Brilliant try! Ahearn sends Hawkins down the sideline then the string some offloads together and Heffernan ends up with it and speeds over the line. Raiders back in it. Cornish converts.

Panthers lead 18-6 at half time.


Teams are out for the second half to determine who will play the Warriors next week in the Holden Cup grand final. Panthers lead 18-6. Raiders kick off and restart play. Come on boys!

Panthers put in an attacking bomb early but they lose it in the attempted mark. Raiders begin workings it out of trouble.

Panthers give the Raiders a good chance by knocking on a pass in their own half. Scrum to Raiders.

Raiders force a drop put with a good kick from Garard and great chase from Worboys.

Panthers just manage to hold on after the drop out.

Bit of feeling developing out there with some push and shove. Raiders gets scrum after a Penrith lost ball.

Raiders go close to scoring but the long ball from Ahearn to Reuben goes over the sideline.

Cornish takes the line on and almost scores but is just tackled by desperate Panthers defence. Raiders throwing everything at them.

Video ref Panthers, they are checking onside off a kick and grounding. Freakish fluke of a try this one. The ball is kicked twice and rebounds off some feet into the in goal and is pounced on. Against the run on play too, Raiders were in control until then. Conversion successful. Panthers lead 24-6 after 54 mins.

Raiders score! Reuben gets the ball off a Cornish bomb and goes over in the corner! Conersion successful. Panthers lead 24-12 with 23 mins left.

Raiders go back to back! Garard beats almost half the team and dives over to get the try after the Raiders forced a drop out. Game back on big time! Cornish just misses the conversion. Panthers lead 24-16 with 19 mins to go. Come on boys!

Raiders go so very close to scoring but the Panthers just hold on. Raiders have really picked up the pace.

Raiders are in! Reuben crosses in the corner off a brilliant pass from Lee! HUGE finish coming up here! Reuben can barely walk but still manages to get over to score. Cornish has the conversion from the sideline and misses. Panthers lead 24-20 with 12 mins left. Strap yourselves in!

Raiders get a penalty for a high tackle by a Panther and go on attack.

Raiders go very close but desperate Penrith defence forces a turnover right on their line. 10 mins left.

Panthers score. Hewitt dummies to kick on the last tackle and runs through a big hole in the Raiders defence. Completely against the run of play, Raiders have dominated the second half. Conversion is successful. Panthers lead 30-20 with 8 mins left.

Raiders almost scored after they got the ball back from a short kickoff but the kick goes dead. 6 mins left.

Panthers almost score but the final pass goes forward. Raiders get a scrum and are still alive.

Panthers score. Ahearn made a brilliant try saving tackle but they scored off the next play when the Raiders fence couldn't scramble after the break was made. Conversion successful. Panthers lead 36-20 with 2 mins left.

Well it's been a great season by the boys. Just wasn't our day today, we gave them a real scare. Some great Raiders talent coming through in this team that's for sure.

Full time Panthers defeat Raiders 36-20.

Full Time: Panthers 36 - Raiders 20

Source: Raiders LIVE Match Centre - raiders.net.au/gameday


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