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As It Happened: Raiders V Panthers - NRL
« on: June 15, 2013, 07:29:20 PM »
Canberra Raiders V Penrith Panthers
Round 14 NRL @ Canberra Stadium

As It Happened:

Almost time for kick off in the NRL between the 8th placed Raiders and 10th placed Panthers.


Teams are out on the field and we're ready for kick off! The Robinson twins play against each other for the first time in the NRL tonight. Panthers kick off and it's game on! Go mighty Raiders!

Raiders score! Ferguson leaps high and takes a huge Campese bomb then plants it down. Gee Fergy is unstoppable at the moment! That's Blake's 50th NRL try. Croker lines up the conversion and nails it. Raiders lead 6-0 after 4 mins.

Raiders get a penalty deep in Penrith's half and will go on the attack. Raiders looking very good to start the game.

Raiders go close but the final pass from Croker goes behind Wighton and rolls out.

A huge bomb from Campese forces a drop from Travis Robinson then Moylan knocks on 10m out trying to clean it up. Scrum Raiders.

Raiders score off a second scrum! Reece Robinson gets good early ball from Campese and speeds over the line to score. Croker takes the conversion and kicks it. Raiders lead 12-0 after 16 mins.

Raiders just put in a brilliant set that started with some great work by Reece Robinson and Ferguson to get out of their in goal. The green machine are definitely here to play footy tonight!

Panthers score in the corner through Simmons after the Raiders turned the ball over with a knock on working it out of their end. Walsh takes the conversion from the sideline and gets it. Raiders lead Panthers 12-6 after 30 mins.

Panthers force a drop out with a kick which Reece Robinson was forced to take dead.

Raiders get a penalty and are deep on the attack.

Video ref Raiders, ref thinks its a try. McCrone passes to Papalii and it hits him in the head and bounces forward then McCrone grabs it and scores! This could be a falcon try assist! It is! Try awarded! McCrone scores off a falcon from Papalii! Greatest try assist ever haha! Croker lines up the conversion from near the posts and gets it. Raiders lead Panthers 18-6 with 2 mins until half time.

Half time Raiders lead the Panthers 18-6.


Teams have taken the field for the second half. Raiders lead the Panthers 18-6 at Canberra Stadium. Raiders kick off and restart play.

Raiders force a drop out with a McCrone grubber after the Panthers knocked on in the first tackle of the second half.

Croker is taken out in a big tackle by the Panthers who get a scrum.

Panthers go close to scoring off a cross kick but the ball beats them and bounces out over the touch in goal line.

Game is going end to end at the moment. Milford almost made a break but the ball didnt quite make it to him.

Vaughan almost scores but is held up over the line. Raiders force a drop out on the next play through a Milford grubber which the Panthers take dead.

He won't be denied this time! Big Paul Vaughan crashes over for the Raiders and drags a bunch of Panthers over with him and scores his first NRL try. Congratulations Paul! Croker takes the conversion and gets it. Raiders lead 24-6 after 58 mins.

Panthers go very close to scoring but Thompson comes up with a huge try saving tackle centimetres before the line. Croker has come off with a leg injury of some kind. Poor Jarrod isn't having the best year with his legs.

Video ref Raiders, ref thinks its a try. Earl who has had a really good game takes a Milford bomb then somehow flicks it back infield before being taken out by Travis Robinson. Fensom ends up with the ball and goes over to score. They are checking if Earl has knocked on into Travis Robinson. Video ref says no try and knock on against Earl.

Croker just copped a knock to the knee but is ok and on the bike on the sideline so that's great news.

Raiders force a drop out with a Milford kick. Campese has come off for a well earned rest. Milford and McCrone are in the halves with Buttriss back on.

Panthers force a drop out with a chip kick which Reece Robinson knocks dead. Raiders lead 24-6 with 7 mins left.

Video ref Panthers, ref thinks its a try. Segeyaro twists and reaches behind himself and tries to get it down but looks to lose it into the Raiders defender Buttriss. Video ref says no try. Great defence by the Raiders!

Video ref Panthers, ref thinks its a try. Fairly sure this will be a knock on against Simmons. He runs through chasing a kick and puts another kick on it which rebounds off Reece Robinson and bounces up and hits him in the chest then hits his hands and rolls forward. Video ref awards the try. He needs to go to OPSM if he thinks that's a try! Raiders lead 24-12 with 1 min left.

Full time the mighty Raiders defeat the Panthers 24-12 and rack up 10 home wins in a row!

Full Time: Raiders 24 - Panthers 12

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