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As It Happened: Raiders V Rabbitohs - NRL
« on: July 02, 2013, 05:11:44 PM »
Canberra Raiders V Souths Sydney Rabbitohs
Round 16 NRL @ ANZ Stadium

As It Happened:

We're getting close to kick off between the mighty Raiders and the Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium. Canberra are in 8th spot and Souths are coming 1st. Just a reminder too that the Holden cup match was rescheduled for tomorrow at 1:15pm at Mounties Sports Ground due to the NRL wanting to protect the ground at ANZ from getting damaged before this NRL match after all the rain. Go the mighty Green Machine!

The teams are getting the final talks from their coaches and we're only minutes away now from kick off at the Olympic Stadium between the mighty Raiders and the Rabbitohs.


The teams have taken to the very wet ANZ stadium field and we're good to go. Souths kick off and it's game on! Go mighty Raiders!

Raiders tackle Souths on the 5th tackle in their first set and force a turnover. Good start!

Raiders get a penalty for unintentional offside by Souths after a grubber from Campo bounced off one Rabbit to another. Croker takes the 2 points and Raiders lead 2-0 after 5 mins.

The game is going end to end at the moment with both sides getting to their kicks. Raiders looking good!

Video ref Souths, ref thinks no try. Burgess gets the ball and breaks out of a tackle then slides over the line under the posts. Try is awarded. It came after a blatant forward pass by Luke was missed by the refs. Reynolds takes the conversion and is successful. Souths lead Raiders 6-2 after 17 mins.

Souths go back to back. They make a long break down the field and Robinson made a great try saving tackle on Merritt but then Souths spread the ball wide and scored in the corner. Reynolds missed the conversion. Souths lead Raiders 10-2 after 20 mins.

Sauiluma placed on report after the restart of play for a shoulder charge.

The rain is still coming down and it's quite wet out there indeed. Raiders have a 75% completion rate so far which isn't too bad considering the conditions.

Souths score again. Isaac Luke dives over from dummy half at close range. Raiders are finding it hard to get out of their end of the field at the moment. Reynolds successfully converts and Souths lead 16-2 after 31 mins.

Croker goes very close to scoring for the Raiders but is only just stopped before the line.

Raiders force a drop out from a great kick by Earl which Inglis is forced to take and then he gets taken out.

Half time Souths lead the Raiders 16-2.


The teams are out on the field for the second half and we're ready to go again. Souths lead 16-2. Raiders kick off and restart play. Need a big comeback here boys! The rain is still pouring down as it has been all match.

Raiders force a drop out by tackling Merritt back in goal after getting a repeat set from an Inglis knock on. Raiders looking better this half.

Wighton is off and won't be back with a adductor strain.

So many knock ons from both sides in the last few minutes. Understandable considering the terrible conditions. The rain is relentless!

Video ref, they are checking who has knocked the ball dead off a Souths kick. Very close to a try but the Raiders just knock it dead in time. Drop out against Raiders is ruled.

Video ref Souths, they are checking if Robinson has grounded the ball to stop a try which he has. No try ruled. Another drop out against Raiders.

Try Souths. Merritt goes over in the corner after the Rabbitohs created an overlap out wide. Reynolds takes the conversion from near the sideline and is successful. Souths lead Raiders 22-2 after 59 mins.

Earl has had his elbow dislocated after a big tackle and is understandably screaming in pain. He's leaving the field with the elbow all out of alignment. Hopefully should be ok when they pop it back in.

Try Souths. Luke goes from dummy half then passes to Goodwin who goes over in the corner. It's just not the Raiders night tonight. Reynolds takes the conversion from the sideline and misses. Souths lead 26-2 with 15 mins left.

Try Souths. Walker scores off the back of a chip and chase play by the Rabbitohs. Goodwin takes the conversion and gets it. Souths lead 32-2 with 8 mins left.

Video ref Raiders, ref thinks no try. Robinson dives for a McCrone kick but the ball just beats him over the touch in goal line. No try. That's full time, Souths defeat Raiders 32-2.

Full Time: Rabbitohs 32 - Raiders 2

Source: RNA Game Day -