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As It Happened: Raiders V Sea Eagles - NRL

Posted By: Archie
August 25, 2013, 04:12:29 PM
Canberra Raiders V Manly Sea Eagles
Round 24 NRL @ Canberra Stadium

As It Happened:

Almost time for kick off in the vital NRL clash between the Raiders and Manly. As expected Brett Stewart is out for Manly and Learoyd Lahrs is out for the Raiders. Mataora replaces Tommy on the bench. Raiders can move to 7th with a win today!


Both teams are out on the field for the NRL match at Canberra Stadium between the Raiders and Manly. Raiders kick off through Robinson and start play. Go mighty Green Machine!

Video ref Raiders, ref thinks no try. Croker leaps high for a McCrone kick and bats it back to White who dives for the line but has it stripped by Manly on the way down. Very close and good start by the Green Machine! Video ref says no try and play the ball to Manly 1m out.

Manly went deep on the attack but throw the ball out over the sideline and let the pressure off the Raiders. Canberra look up for this game.

Manly attack again but the Raiders scramble well in defence and force a knock on. 8 mins gone.

Raiders defend well again and put in a solid set and Milford drives the ball over the touch line to force a scrum. Raiders defence has been very solid so far.

Manly score. Lyon manages to get over out wide after stepping through the sliding Raiders defence. Jamie attempts to convert his own try and just gets it. Manly lead 6-0 after 14 mins.

Manly attack again and go close to scoring but Earl gets his hand in the way and stops the final pass. Try saving play from Sandor.

Manly score again. Cherry-Evans grubbers through the Raiders defence and Lyon pounces on it to score his second try of the match. Not much the Raiders could do about that one. Lyon converts. Manly lead 12-0 after 18 mins.

Cherry-Evans kicks a 40/20. The Raiders need to defend well here and get the ball back, they have been starved of possession in the last 5 mins or so.

Manly score. Their replacement fullback Hiku gets a pass close to the line and steps a couple of Raiders players to get the try. Lyon converts. Manly lead 18-0 after 22 mins.

Raiders get a much needed penalty for Manly being offside and will go deep on the attack.

Raiders go very close to scoring in the corner through Sauiluma but Manly just manage to stop him going over the line. Time is off with Papalii down hurt with a leg problem but he gets up and starts running it off.

Manly score again after getting a penalty. Buhrer goes over through a gap for the try out wide. The Raiders have looked good when they have the ball but just haven't had enough possession so far to put much pressure on. Lyon converts. Manly lead 24-0 after 30 mins.

Manly almost score again through Hiku but the Raiders get a penalty for a clear obstruction.

Raiders force a drop out with a cleaver grubber from Milford. Raiders needed this to build some pressure.

Raiders get a penalty and another set in attack.

Video ref Raiders, ref thinks its a try. Thompson gets short ball close to the line and rolls over and plants the ball down. They are checking for double movement but it looks like there is clear momentum. Video ref says try. Raiders are back in it! Thompson scores off a Milford short pass. Croker lines up the conversion and gets it. Manly lead 24-6 after 37 mins.

Manly have had 60% of the ball so far which explains the score line. Raiders look good whenever they have possession.

Matai sent to the sin bin for a professional foul.

Raiders finish the first half with a great break by Tupou and Milford and almost score. Matai was sin binned for holding down in he tackle.

Half time Manly lead Raiders 24-6.


Teams are back out for the second half of NRL action at Canberra Stadium. Manly lead Raiders 24-6. Canberra really started to fight back at the end of that first half. Manly kickoff and restart play.

Milford kicks a brilliant 40/20 to get the Raiders right on the attack early in the second half.

Raiders score! Robinson slices through off the back of the scrum and goes in untouched! Great try! Reece Lightning is back! Croker takes the conversion from the sideline and nails it. Raiders back in it! Manly lead 24-12 after 45 mins.

Raiders almost score again but the kick from McCrone just beats Earl over the sideline. Raiders are fired up in this second half.

Manly goes on he attack and will get another set after Earl knocked the ball out off a kick. Raiders drop out. Manly drop it on the second play in the repeat set! Pressure off the Raiders. Matai returns from the sin bin.

Time off with both Cherry-Evans and Matai hurt. Daley looks winded after a solid tackle and Matai has a hand problem. Play resumes with a drop out by the Raiders after Earl was forced in goal.

Manly score. Watmough runs onto a pass close to the Raiders line and hits the gap to go in and get the try. Again the Raiders looked good with the ball but were starved of possession. Lyon converts. Manly lead 30-12 after 54 mins.

Raiders go on the attack and looked dangerous but the final pass from Papalii to Earl went over the sideline.

Manly go close to scoring but knock on close to the line and give the Raiders scrum feed.

Raiders went very close to scoring through Tupou but some desperate Manly defence just manages to stop him from getting over the line.

Raiders score! Sauiluma gets a good cutout pass from Robinson and goes over in the corner to give the Raiders a chance. Croker takes the conversion from the sideline and just misses to the left. Manly lead Raiders 30-16 with 13 mins left.

McCrone puts in a nice chip for Milford and Milford just couldn't quite control it when he caught it. Cleaver play by the Raiders though.

Video ref Manly, ref says no try. They are checking who the ball went out off. Manly grubber through and Foran tries to get it but can't catch it and he knocks it dead. Video ref says no try and 20m tap to Raiders.

Manly score. Taufua speeds down the touch line and fends off Earl to get over in the corner. Lyon converts. Manly lead 36-16 with 8 mins left.

Raiders score! Milford makes a breathtaking break, gets tackled but not held, gets up again and speeds away and scores. Croker converts. Manly lead 36-22 with 4 mins left.

Manly force a drop out with 1 min left. Tupou cleaned up a kick and was tackled in goal. Milford does a short grubbing drop out and collides heavily with Matai in the contest for the ball. Both players are ok.

Full time Manly defeat Raiders 36-22. Raiders put in a good effort but just couldn't reel in the deficit that they conceded while they were starved of possession in the first half.

Full Time: Sea Eagles 36 - Raiders 22

Source: RNA Game Day - raiders.net.au/gameday


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