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As It Happened: Raiders V Sharks - NRL

Posted By: Archie
September 08, 2013, 09:25:09 PM
Canberra Raiders V Cronulla Sharks
Round 26 NRL @ Canberra Stadium

As It Happened:

Almost ready for kickoff in the NRL in what will be the last game Thompson, Williams and Berrigan play for the Raiders.


Teams are out on the field and we're ready to go! Raiders kickoff.

Sharks butcher a certain try! Gordon was over the line and decided to pass for some strange reason and the ball ended up going out.

Video ref Sharks, they think try but are checking obstruction. Feki goes over in the corner. Looked like Sami was obstructed but the video ref doesn't think so. Try awarded. Gordon attempts to convert from the sideline and gets it. Sharks lead 6-0 after 4 mins.

Sharks were deep on the attack but good Raiders defence holds them out. Raiders make an error after getting a penalty and the Sharks begin working it out of their end.

The play is going end to end at the moment with both sides getting to their kicks. Raiders have settled things down after conceding the early try.

Raiders get a penalty on the 5th tackle and will have a full set deep on the attack. Big chance to hit back.

Raiders score! Big Shillington crashes over for the try off a good pass from McCrone. That's Shillo's first try since 2011! Croker takes the conversion and is successful. Scores are level at 6 all between the Raiders and Sharks after 17 mins.

Video ref Raiders, ref thinks no try. Thompson steams onto a pass and drives for the line but looks to be just short. No try, Raiders play the ball.

Video ref Sharks, they think try and are checking the contest for a high ball. Tupou and Feki contest the mark and the ball rebounds off one of them into Lewis' arms and he runs in to score. Try awarded. Gordon converts. Sharks lead 12-6 after 24 mins.

Time off with Luke Lewis down injured for the Sharks. He gets up eventually and will play on. Sharks have a scrum after a Raiders lost ball.

Sharks force a drop out with a grubber which Milford has to clean up. Big defence needed here from the Raiders.

Raiders defend the repeat set well and the Sharks kick the ball dead.

Sharks force another drop out with a kick that rebounded off the posts. The drop out goes out on the full and the Sharks will get a penalty right in front. Gordon is going to take the two. Penalty successful. Sharks lead 14-6 with 3 mins until half time.

Raiders score! Milford just flashed trough the defence off a great Williams pass and put a great step on Gordon then put the afterburners on and sprinted in to get the try. Such pace! Croker converts.

Half time Sharks lead Raiders 14-12.


Teams are out on the field for the second half of NRL at Canberra Stadium. Sharks lead Raiders 14-12. Sharks kickoff and restart play.

Thompson goes very close to scoring but is just held up by desperate Sharks defenders.

Raiders force a drop out with a good Williams kick and chase from Campese which forces a knock on in goal from Gordon.

Croker loses the ball very close to the line whilst attempting to score. Sharks begin working it out of their end.

Sauiluma sent for 10 in the bin for a professional foul.

Sharks score. Robson rolls over the line in a tackle by Papalii after stepping through the defence. Sauiluma was binned for attempting to drag a Shark out after a break down the field was made. Conversion successful. Sharks lead 20-12 after 52 mins.

Ross placed on report for a semi spear tackle on Milford but he's ok.

Video ref Raiders, they think try and are checking obstruction. Milford steps trough off a good Campese pass and grounds the ball. Thompson has contacted a Shark but its highly doubtful if he would have stopped Milford. Try disallowed. Penalty to Sharks for obstruction.

There's a scuffle in mid field and both teams come together in a big huddle and push and shove. Nothing much in it and it will be play on. Wait no, Croker is placed on report. This is a shocking decision! Croker did absolutely nothing wrong! Penalty to Sharks.

There's a lot of feeling in this game of a sudden! Some huge charges into the defence by the Raiders.

Raiders score! Shillington storms onto a pass at huge speed and crashes over the line for his second try of the game! Huge runs by the Raiders forwards in the last few minutes! Croker converts. Sharks lead 20-18 with 18 mins left.

Time off with Morris down hurt. He got absolutely smashed in a huge tackle from White. White is put on report and Sharks get a penalty.

Sharks score. Peachey steps through the defence and Milford almost holds him up but just can't quite manage to stop him getting the try. Gordon converts. Sharks lead 26-18 with 9 mins left.

Papalii placed on report for a dangerous tackle.

Sharks score. Gibbs scores off rebounding kick which bounced up to Ross who then offloaded to Gibbs who crashed over. That was Gibbs' first try since 2005. Gordon converts. Sharks lead 32-18 with 6 mins left.

Sharks score. Ryan gets the try in the corner off a pass which has gone about 5 meters forward. Refs have been the Sharks' best players tonight. Touch judge that "missed" the forward pass is a former Sharks player. Gordon converts. Sharks lead 38-18 with 1 min left.

Full time Sharks defeat Raiders 38-18. Now Raiders fans turn our attention to the Holden Cup finals.

Congratulations to Shaun Berrigan on a wonderful career.

Full Time: Sharks 38 - Raiders 18

Source: Raiders LIVE Match Centre - raiders.net.au/gameday


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