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As It Happened: Raiders V Storm - Holden Cup
« on: August 04, 2013, 04:13:13 PM »
Canberra Raiders V Melbourne Storm
Round 21 Holden Cup @ Canberra Stadium

As It Happened:

Getting close to kick off in Canberra between the Raiders and Storm in the Holden Cup. Hawkins is out for the Raiders and Ahearn has been named as captain in his place.


U20s teams are out on the field and we are ready to go! Worboys kicks off for the Raiders and its game on!

Crazy start to the match with the Storm forcing a dropout but then letting the kick go over the sideline and giving the ball back to the Raiders on the half way line.

Raiders have been pressuring the Storm line in the opening to the match and are now forcing them to try and work it out of their end.

Raiders get a penalty for a late tackle on Worboys after he passed the ball and will go deep on the attack.

Storm go very close to scoring but the winger just can't take the final pass and the ball goes over the sideline. Storm are challenging the call to see if there was a touch on the pass by a Raider. Decision stands and challenge is unsuccessful. Raiders get a scrum feed 10m out from their line and are now working it out of their end.

Still nil all between the Raiders and Storm in the Holden Cup after 18 mins.

Raiders go the length of the field and score first! Reuben scoops up a Storm kick and sprints away down the field and scores in the corner. Schubach takes the conversion from the sideline and gets it right through the centre of the posts. Raiders lead 6-0 after 21 mins.

Raiders go back to back! Reuben gets a double within the space of a couple of minutes! This time he pounces on a grubber kick that the Storm fullback couldn't clean up. Schubach takes the conversion from almost the same spot as before and just misses to the right this time. Raiders lead 10-0 after 24 mins.

Raiders almost score again through Reuben but the long pass from Ahearn was incorrectly ruled forward by the refs.

Raiders are in again! Roberts plants a bouncing grubber kick from Ahearn down just inside the touch in goal line and gets the try. Worboys takes the conversion this time and its a bit of a shocker. Raiders lead 14-0 after 30 mins.

Storm put pressure on the Raiders line but Canberra hold them out with solid defence.

Raiders score again! Heffernan streaks away this time after a line break and pass by the interchange Pangai. Worboys converts from in front. Raiders lead 20-0 after 34 mins.

It's a try fest! Raiders are in yet again! Heffernan dances and weaves through the Storm defence and passes to Garard who gets the try. Worboys converts. Raiders lead 26-0 after 36 mins.

Storm score their first try of the match. They got a gift set off the kick off after the Raiders last try when the Raiders failed to catch the ball and it went dead forcing a drop out and they crash over from close range. Try converted.

Half time Raiders lead Storm 26-6 in the Holden Cup.


Storm kick off to the second half of Holden Cup action in Canberra. Raiders lead 26-6.

Raiders almost score in the corner but the final pass to Heffernan goes forward.

Raiders score again! Pangai steams onto a ball and crashes over the line for the try. Tahakilu Pangai that is. Worboys converts from in front. Raiders lead 32-6 after 49 mins.

Raiders are in again! Barnett goes over this time off a beautiful flick pass from Worboys. Classy play by Jordy there, he set that up perfectly! Worboys converts the try he created. Raiders lead 38-6 after 53 mins.

Raiders settle things down with a good set and touch finding kick from Ahearn on the end of it. Canberra are making meters very easily in this game, the forwards have been very impressive.

Storm score their second try off a scrappy play with a couple of passes that hit the deck. Creith almost intercepted one of the passes and would have streaked away but he just couldn't scoop it up. Conversion is successful. Raiders lead Storm 38-12 after 57 mins.

Reuben goes close to scoring in he corner but is just taken out in a desperate tackle by the Storm.

Raiders score again! Ahearn throws one of his trademark long cutout passes to Creith who is taken in a high shot on his way to planting the ball down in the corner. Worboys takes the conversion from the sideline and only just misses. Raiders lead 42-12 aft 63 mins.

The Raiders are unstoppable! Ahearn scores after another line break and pass from a Pangai. Tevita made the break this time. Worboys misses the conversion. Raiders lead 46-12 with 14 mins left. The Storm just can't contain the Pangai boys today!

Storm score in the corner. Chang gets it down despite a desperate attempt to take him out by the Raiders. Conversion from the sideline is missed. Raiders lead 46-16 with 7 mins left in the Holden Cup.

Storm are in again. Chang speeds down the sideline and creates some room for an interchange of passing and he gets it back and scores under the posts. Conversion successful. Raiders lead 46-22 with 4 mins left.

Raiders have fallen asleep in the final 10 mins while the Storm have seemingly woken up. Raiders are attacking now with 2 mins left.

Full time in the Holden Cup, Raiders have been convincing 46-22 winners over the Storm.

Full Time: Raiders 46 - Storm 22

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