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As It Happened: Raiders V Storm - NRL

Posted By: GB7600
August 04, 2013, 04:20:37 PM
Canberra Raiders V Melbourne Storm
Round 21 NRL @ Canberra Stadium

As It Happened:

Almost time for kick off in he NRL between the Raiders and Storm. Jack Wighton is a late inclusion for the Raiders after returning from injury. Thompson moves to the bench. Go mighty Raiders!


Teams are out on the field in Canberra and we're ready to go. Storm kick off and it's game on!

Video ref Storm, ref thinks no try. Earl leaps high for a Smith kick and can't hold it but neither can Blair. Earl looks to have grounded the ball to force a drop out. Video ref says no try and scrum with a feed to Storm because of a Raiders knock on.

Storm score first. Chambers offloads in a tackle and gives it to Waqa who divers over out wide. Smith takes the conversion and is successful. Storm lead 6-0 after 5 mins.

Milford! Raiders hit straight back! Storm couldn't take the kick off and it went out giving the Raiders a scrum from which Milford danced and weaved around the defence to score in the corner. Great hit back! Croker takes the conversion from the sideline and just misses. Storm lead 6-4 after 8 mins.

Time off after Blair fell very badly on his neck in a tackle. Nothing malicious in the tackle it was just very unlucky. They are calling for the medicab. That looked horrible on reply, his neck was bent very badly as he landed on his head. Long break in play while they carefully put Blair on a stretcher.

Blair is on the medicab now and they are driving him off. I think all rugby league fans would hope he is ok. He gets a big clap from the Raiders fans at Canberra Stadium as he is taken off. Play resumes after 11 mins of play.

Storm score after Cronk put up a kick then they caught it and spread the ball wide back to the other side of the field and Fonua scoops up a second kick and forces his way over the line. Smith misses the conversion. Storm lead 10-4 after 16 mins.

Video ref Raiders, ref thinks try to Milford. Croker breaks through a tackle and has the ball knocked out by Waqa and the ball bounces into the in goal and Milford grounds it. Video ref says no try and knock on against Croker. Sill great play by the Raiders!

Video ref Storm. Fonua bats back a Finch grubber from over the dead ball line in Inglis style from the test match years ago and Chambers grounds it. Video ref awards the try. That was freakish. Smith takes the conversion and gets it. Storm lead 16-4 after 22 mins.

Raiders almost score a cracking try through Earl but his legs just went out before he grounded the ball. Great footy by the Raiders.

Storm score. Fonua scores off a Cronk cross field kick behind the Raiders defence. This game is end to end at the moment. Raiders were pressuring the Storm line only a minute ago and then the Storm come down and score. Smith takes the conversion from the sideline and misses. Storm lead 20-4 after 32 mins.

Video ref Storm, ref thinks try. They are checking if Slater has gotten the ball over the line out of dummy half. The Raiders tried desperately to hold him up but it looks like he has just managed to get it down on the line. Video ref says try to Slater. Smith takes the conversion and just gets it. Storm lead 26-4 after 36 mins.

Storm score again. Finch offloads in a tackle and gives it to Proctor who crashes over. Smith takes the conversion and gets it.

Half time Storm lead Raiders 32-4.


Teams are out for the second half of NRL at Canberra Stadium. Storm lead 32-4. Raiders kick off and restart play.

Storm score very early in the first half. Finch stands in a tackle and offloads to Fonua who gets a hat trick for the game out wide. Smith takes the conversion from the sideline and gets it. Storm lead 38-4 after 43 mins.

Storm score off an intercept by Chambers. The Raiders were pressuring the Storm line but Chambers grabbed a long ball from McCrone and Wighton couldn't quite catch him. Smith converts. Storm lead 44-4 after 49 mins.

The Raiders started this game quite well but have really fallen off after about the 20th minute. Just doesn't seem to be our day today!

Storm score again. Slater goes over from close range off a Smith pass from dummy half. Smith takes the conversion from almost in front and gets it. Storm lead 50-4 with 24 mins left.

Time off with McCrone down hurt after copping an elbow in a tackle. He's ok though and play resumes.

Storm are in again. This is a long afternoon for Raiders players and fans! Harris gets over this time after some soft Raiders defence let him through. Smith converts. Storm lead 56-4 after 61 mins. As it stands this is the Raiders biggest ever defeat. Lets hope we score a couple and change that! Can honestly say I didn't see this result coming at all!

Cronk kicks a 40/20 and the Storm score again off the back of the scrum through Waqa. It might be a massive understatement, but this is not fun at all for us Raiders fans! Where did this performance come from?? Smith converts. Storm lead 62-4 with 13 mins left.

Reports are that Blair is ok after being stretchered from the field in the first half when his neck was bent in a tackle.

Berrigan goes close to scoring for the Raiders but loses it just before the line in a tackle.

Storm score again (I'm getting really sick of typing that!). Waqa makes a break down the field after some offloads and gets to the line. Smith converts. Storm lead 68-4. This will be the biggest Raiders loss ever, it was previously a 51 point defeat in 1982 at the hands of the Eels. Not a good day at all.

Smith takes a kick at field goal for some reason but misses.

Mercifully it's full time. Storm defeat Raiders 68-4.

Full Time: Storm 68 - Raiders 4

Source: RNA Game Day - raiders.net.au/gameday


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