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As It Happened: Raiders V Tigers - Holden Cup Semi Final

Posted By: RNA
September 20, 2013, 05:03:01 PM
Canberra Raiders V Wests Tigers
Holden Cup Semi Final @ SFS

As It Happened:

Almost time for the must win semi final at the SFS against the Tigers. Raiders boosted by late inclusion of Hawkins on the bench after he recovered from his hamstring problem. Lets do it mighty Raiders!


Both teams are out on the field at the SFS and we're ready for kickoff! Raiders will get things started with the Tigers to receive. Cornish kicks off and it's game on!

Raiders looked to have made a break early but the pass from Worboys was ruled forward. Looked backwards to me.

Raiders get the first penalty of the match for a high tackle on Worboys. Time off with a Tiger down injured but he gets up and will play on by the looks. Raiders go on attack with the penalty.

Raiders force a drop out with a kick from Cornish.

Tigers just survive after catching a Raiders kick. Mago in trouble with injury and seems to be limping. Brooks kicks a 40/20 for the Tigers to get them out of trouble and on the attack. Both halfbacks looking on their game today.

Raiders defend well then get a penalty and will get right out of their end.

Raiders score first! Lee goes in after a great break by Bateman and Shaw a couple of plays earlier. Great set in the lead up to the try. Brenko just brushed off a couple of Tigers on his way over the line. Cornish misses the conversion from near the sideline. Raiders lead 4-0 after 10 mins.

Raiders went on the attack again but lost the ball near the Tigers line. Now the Tigers get a penalty and will go deep on the attack.

Video ref Tigers, ref thinks try. They are checking on side off a grubber kick. Mulcahy puts in a grubber and one of the Tigers is offside. Try disallowed. Penalty to Raiders.

Raiders get another penalty for a high tackle and will get a repeat set on attack.

The repeat set comes to nothing with the Raiders losing the ball. Tigers get a scrum feed 10m from their line. Raiders lead 4-0 after 15 mins.

Raiders force a turnover with great defence on their line. Brooks is down injured for the Tigers with what appears to be an ankle problem. He's trying to run it off and play resumes.

Brooks is getting his ankle strapped as the Tigers get a penalty for interference in the play the ball.

Raiders score! Cornish put up a high bomb which the Tigers winger caught but then lost it in the tackle. Reuben grabs the lost ball and sprinted over the line to get the try untouched in the corner. Conversion missed. Raiders lead 8-0 after 22 mins.

Brooks has left the field for the Tigers. Reuben almost got away down the sideline but then loses it in a solid tackle.

Raiders almost created something down the sideline again with a chip from Lee but the Tigers fullback just got there to block it.

Raiders force a knock on with a big tackle and will get a scrum feed in the Tigers half. Tigers challenging the call. Just looks like a lost ball to me as the Tiger is flung to the ground. Decision stands and Raiders get the scrum feed.

Raiders get a repeat set after the Tigers knocked on off a kick. Raiders have a scrum feed after some confusion by the two refs as to what to do. Time off now with a Tiger in the blood bin getting his head strapped. Time back on.

Raiders score! Hawkins gets the ball from Cornish then steps back inside and goes through the gap to get the try. Cornish converts from in front. Raiders lead 14-0 after 33 mins.

Raiders score again! They got a penalty and a repeat set and get down to the line quite easily. Mago then gets the ball and steamrolls his way over the line and gets the try. Cornish hits the posts and misses the conversion. Raiders lead 18-0 after 37 mins. Brooks returns to play for the Tigers with his ankle heavily strapped.

Cornish almost kicks a 40/20 and forces the Tigers right back in their end but then the Raiders give away a penalty.

Half time Raiders lead Tigers 18-0.


The teams are out for the second half of the Holden Cup semi final. The winner of today's game will play the Panthers next week for a spot in the grand final. Tigers kickoff and start the second half. Raiders lead 18-0.

Raiders force a drop out with a perfect kick from Cornish and a great chase.

Video ref Raiders, ref thinks try. Garard kicks through from dummy half and it rebounds off knees and a Tigers hand and Garard comes through and dives on the ball for the try. Cleaver play! Try awarded. Cornish converts. Raiders lead 24-0 after 43 mins.

Raiders are in again! Cornish and Garard combine then offload to Barnett who goes in for the try. Cornish converts. Raiders lead 30-0 after 47 mins.

Have to make a special mention of Bateman and Cornish in this game, they have both been brilliant so far.

Cornish and Heffernan force a knock on from the Tigers with a great kick and chase and will get a scrum in attack.

Raiders force the pass and lose it. Tigers get a scrum deep in their end and will try and work it out.

Raiders score! The big man Tomarchio gets over after a break and pass from Barnett. That's his first try of the year. Cornish converts. Raiders lead 36-0 after 54 mins.

Raiders put more pressure on the Tigers but they just manage to hold on this time.

Tigers get a scrum feed for a knock on both ways. Raiders are defending very well and are holding them down their end. Tigers get a penalty and the Raiders let them out of trouble.

Brooks put in a high ball but Reuben makes a great catch above his head to shut down the attack.

Tigers force a drop out with a kick which Ahearn calmly knocks dead. Raiders lead 36-0 with 18 mins left.

There's eventually score after a couple of penalties in a row. Santi gets the short ball and is too hard for the Raiders defence to stop. Raiders defence had been perfect until then. Conversion missed off the posts. Raiders lead 36-4 with 15 mins left.

Tigers score again. They make a break down the sideline and put in a kick which they just manage to get to for the try. Conversion successful. Raiders lead 36-10 with 13 mins left.

Tigers score again. They got a repeat set after stripping he ball from Lee then Brooks kicks through for the try. Conversion successful. Raiders need to wake up here. Raiders lead 36-16 with 9 mins left.

Video ref Tigers, ref says no try. Reuben makes a brilliant try saving tackle on Brooks and saves a certain try by forcing the knock on. Tigers are throwing everything at the Raiders now. No try ruled. Raiders get a scrum feed and will work it out of trouble.

Raiders almost score but the kick just beats Worboys over the dead ball line. 6 mins left. 20m tap to Tigers.

Great kick from Cornish forces a drop out and the Raiders are shutting the game down now. Tigers go for short drop out and get it back 10m from their line.

Raiders almost make a break down the sideline but the pass from Ahearn is ruled forward. 2 mins left.

Full time the mighty Raiders defeat the Tigers 36-16. Raiders will play Panthers next week for a spot in the grand final.

Full Time: Raiders 36 - Tigers 16

Source: Raiders LIVE Match Centre - raiders.net.au/gameday


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