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As It Happened: Raiders V Tigers - NRL
« on: June 22, 2013, 09:47:35 PM »
Canberra Raiders V Wests Tigers
Round 15 NRL @ Campbelltown Stadium

As It Happened:

Getting close to kick off at Campbelltown between the mighty 8th placed Raiders and 15th placed Tigers. Go mighty Green Machine!


Both teams have made their way onto the field at Campbelltown Stadium and we're ready to go in the NRL between the Raiders and Tigers. Wests kick off and it's game on. Go Raiders!

Steady opening few minutes by both sides with complete sets and long kicks on the end of them.

More complete sets by both teams with the game mostly being played in the middle of the field so far. Both sides seem to be working their way into the match.

Tigers force a drop out after getting the first attacking chance of the match. Benji grubbered into the in goal and Campo dived on it to force it.

Tigers score. Nofoaluma manages to get over right in the corner despite a desperate last ditch tackle from Robinson and Thompson. Benji takes the conversion from the sideline and misses. Tigers lead Raiders 4-0 after 14 mins.

White almost scores for the Raiders but just loses it in the attempt to reach over the line. Very close indeed.

Raiders get a penalty right on the Tigers line. Big chance here but Shillo drops it. Benji then speeds away and tries to offload but passes to Croker instead of a Tiger.

What a great Raiders try! Robinson gets an offload and dances round then passes to McCrone who gives the ball to Wighton in space and then Jack draws the Tigers players and gives a perfect pass to Earl who dives over in the corner to score. Great support play by the Raiders! Croker nails the conversion from the sideline and the Raiders now lead the Tigers 6-4 after 28 mins.

Raiders force a drop out with a good kick by McCrone and great chase and tackle by Wighton. Iosefa is coming off for the Tigers with what looks like a possible broken arm.

Lawrence on report for Tigers because of a high tackle on McCrone.

Raiders get a great chance right before half time after a long kick was knocked on by the Tigers fullback right on his line.

Raiders almost score but the kick from Robinson to Earl just beats him over the sideline.

Half time Raiders lead Tigers 6-4.


Teams are out on the field for the second half of NRL at Campbelltown where it is starting to rain. Canberra lead 6-4 over the Tigers. Raiders kick off to the second 40 and we're underway again.

The Tigers make an error inside their half. The rain is getting heavier now.

Video ref Raiders, ref thinks no try. Sauiluma wrestles his way over the line and tries to get it down with about 5 Tigers trying to stop him. Looks like no try. Video ref says no try but Raiders get the ball back.

Tigers get a penalty for an alleged infringement in the play the ball which looked like a bit of a dubious call. Benji elects to take the two from 35m out and right in front and gets it. Scores are level at 6 all after 48 minutes in very wet conditions.

McCrone forces a drop out with a chip and chase followed by a soccer like kick through and a great chase. Great play by Josh!

Tigers force the Raiders out with a big tackle and defend the drop out. This is turning into a close tense match in very tough wet conditions.

Campo forces a drop out with a great banana like grubber kick.

Raiders score! Robinson rolls out of a tackle then gives the ball to Milford who bursts through a big hole and gets a try under the posts! Croker takes the conversion from in front and gets it. Raiders lead 12-6 over Tigers after 59 mins.

Tigers score. Reddy runs through a hole and just manages to get over in the corner before Robinson gets to him. Marshall lines the conversion up from the sideline and is successful. Scores are level again at 12 all between the Raiders and Tigers with 13 mins left.

Raiders go close to scoring but just lose it. Tigers get a scrum 10m out. 10 mins left scores are 12 all.

Tigers kick a field goal through Benji after getting a penalty to get into the Raiders half. Tigers lead Raiders 13-12 with 8 mins left.

Thompson put on report for a tackle on Benji. Another dud ref call. 6 mins left.

Video ref Tigers, ref thinks its a try. They are checking onside and grounding. Simona gets it down after a kick and rebound from Benji. Video ref says try. Huge sideline conversion coming up. Marshall lines it up and misses! Raiders still in it! Tigers lead 17-12 with 4 mins left.

Raiders get a penalty to get out of their end. 2 mins left.

Campo kicks it into the in goal and its marked by the Tigers who get a 20m tap with 20 secs left.

Full time Tigers defeat Raiders 17-12 in a very close game in tough conditions.

Full Time: Tigers 17 - Raiders 12

Source: RNA Game Day -