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As It Happened: Raiders V Warriors - Holden Cup

Posted By: Archie
August 31, 2013, 05:52:10 PM
Canberra Raiders V NZ Warriors
Round 25 Holden Cup @ Mt Smart Stadium

As It Happened:

Getting close to kickoff in the Holden Cup over in NZ between the Raiders and Warriors. The Raiders can claim the minor premiership with a win. Ahearn and Tevita Pangai are being rested for today's game and are replaced by Kent and Seager.


We're ready to go in the Holden Cup across the ditch in NZ between the Raiders and Warriors. Both teams are out on the field now at Mt Smart Stadium. Warriors kick off and it's game on!

Both teams get to their kicks early and settle things down in the opening sets.

Raiders put up a high bomb in attack but knock on while trying to mark it. Then the Warriors make a simple error working it out of trouble and give the Raiders a good chance to attack.

Raiders lose the ball and the attacking raid comes to nothing and the Warriors begin working it out of their end again.

Warriors force a drop out with a little grubber into the corner and will get a repeat set.

Warriors pass the ball straight back to the Raiders and their repeat set ends. Still nil all in NZ after 10 mins of Holden Cup action.

Raiders go very close to scoring but force a drop out instead off a good grubber from Worboys. Reuben made a long break earlier in the set to get the Raiders in good attacking position.

Raiders score first! Brenko Lee goes over in the corner off a couple of quick offloads near the Warriors line. Cornish lines up the conversion from the sideline and misses to the right. Raiders lead 4-0 over the Warriors in the Holden Cup after 17 mins.

Raiders make a break down the edge and go straight back on the attack again but can't quite get the ball down at the end of the set off a kick. Warriors begin working it out of trouble.

Warriors go extremely close to scoring in the corner but Kent comes across and makes a great last ditch try saving tackle into touch.

Raiders are playing with much more control in this game than they have been for the past month or so.

Pangai placed on report for what looked like an accidental tackle which cartwheeled the Warrior over his back into a dangerous position.

Warriors go close to scoring off a grubber but Worboys just gets there in time for the Raiders and kicks it dead and forces the drop out.

Great defence from the Raiders forces the Warriors over the touch line in a big tackle and they defend the repeat set off the drop out. Still Raiders leading 4-0 after 29 mins.

Warriors had a good chance to attack after the Raiders knocked on deep in their half but lose it themselves and give the Raiders a scrum feed.

Warriors score. They got a set in attack after the Raiders knocked on at the back of the scrum and Tuimavave-Gerrard puts on a step and gets past the Raiders defenders to get the try. Conversion missed. Scores level at 4 all between the Raiders and Warriors in the Holden Cup after 36 mins.

Raiders hit straight back and score! Heffernan swoops on a bouncing kick and grabs it before the Warriors could and goes over easily to get the try. It was a very well placed kick by Cornish which setup the try. The Warriors are challenging the try decision for onside. Decision stands and the try is awarded. Cornish takes the conversion and gets it from right in front. Raiders lead 10-4 just before half time.

Raiders lead Warriors 10-4 at half time in the Holden Cup.


Raiders kickoff and start the second half of Holden Cup in NZ. Raiders lead Warriors 10-4.

Warriors get a penalty early in the second half and will go deep on the attack. Good defence needed here from the Raiders.

The Warriors lose the ball in a tackle and let the pressure back off the Raiders.

Warriors go close to scoring but lose it in a good tackle while trying to plant the ball down. Raiders begin working it out of their end.

Raiders force a drop out with a well placed kick from Cornish into the corner and will put the pressure on with a repeat set.

Raiders score! Heffernan dodges and weaves through the Warriors defence and plants the ball down for his second try of the match. Great footwork! Cornish converts. Raiders lead 16-4 over Warriors in the Holden Cup after 50 mins.

Warriors go very close to scoring but the Raiders make a great tackle and just manage to hold them up. Solid defence by the green machine!

Warriors make a break but great cover defence from Worboys saves a try. Raiders give away a penalty for offside and give the Warriors another chance to attack.

Warriors force a drop out with a grubber which Reuben was forced to take over the dead ball line.

Warriors score after the drop out. Feao runs onto the ball and drives his way over the line despite a desperate last ditch tackle by the Raiders. Conversion is successful. Raiders lead Warriors 16-10 with 19 mins left.

Warriors are finding it easy to make meters in the last few minutes. They have a set deep in attack after a penalty against the Raiders for slowing down the play the ball.

Warriors score. They created a hole out wide with some passes and Feagaiga runs straight through it and gets the try. Raiders need to fix their defence and get back in control of this match. Conversion successful. Scores level again at 16 all with 15 mins left.

Raiders settle things back down and produce a good set with a long kick at the end by Cornish.

Raiders receive a penalty and will go deep on the attack.

Worboys almost scores but the ref rules that the Warriors were obstructed as he ran through the gap.

Warriors force a drop out with a little grubber. Scores still level at 16 all with 10 mins left.

Raiders score a cracking try! Worboys created some space down the touch line for Reuben who put the foot down and then drew the Warriors fullback and passed to Lee who went the rest of the way to get the try. Cornish takes the conversion and misses. Raiders lead Warriors 20-16 in the Holden Cup with 6 mins left.

A Raider is hit with a very big shot and looks like he's knocked out on the ground. Barnett is the player, looks like it was a nasty head clash in the tackle. Time off as the trainers attend to him. 3 mins left in the match with Raiders leading 20-16.

Barnett is helped off the field looking a bit concussed and play resumes with a scrum to the Warriors in their half.

Raiders score and secure the minor premiership! Reuben takes a Warriors kick and steps past the defence then puts the afterburners on and sprints down the field to score at the other end. Shut the gate! Too much pace! Cornish converts. Raiders lead 26-16 just before full time.

Raiders defeat the Warriors 26-16 and have now won the 2013 Holden Cup Minor Premiership! Well done boys!

Full Time: Raiders 26 - Warriors 16

Source: Raiders LIVE Match Centre - raiders.net.au/gameday


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