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Raidercast Canberra Raiders Podcasts Rereleased

Posted By: Raidercast
January 20, 2013, 02:13:03 PM
Hello again Raiders fans,

When I came back to RNA after being without the internet for awhile, I noticed the file hosting website I was using to host all the Raidercast episodes, filefreak.com, has vanished along with all the shows and now there are just random ads on that domain. Not sure what happened to that site, but as a result all the links to the past Raidercast episodes were broken as well as the podcast's RSS feed and the web streaming player on RNA's Raidercast page. Not to worry though! Luckily I used a backup file server at mediafire.com, which still has all the shows intact except for two. I also have offline backups of the shows stored on my computer, so I decided to come and fix up the mess that filefreak's closure created!

I have now uploaded all nine episodes of Raidercast to our own server here at raiders.net.au, so this time I know they won't suddenly vanish into thin air. This also means downloading and streaming the shows will be slightly faster for us Australian users, as the RNA server is in Australia, unlike filefreak and mediafire which are hosted in the US. I also got Archie and Chase to setup a new streaming player on the RNA Raidercast page while they were doing the rest of the updates to the site during the off-season (thanks for that guys!).

All the posts for the past episodes have now been updated with the new links to the podcasts and the streaming player now streams the most recent show. The Raidercast RSS feed has also been updated.

Below are the new mp3 download links for all of the nine Raidercast episodes that are now hosted at RNA.

Raidercast 2011:

Raidercast: Pre-season Trial 2011 Preview.mp3
This is the first ever Canberra Raiders related podcast (not including the Raidercast "Pilot" episode). In this episode I chat about the Raiders V Storm trial match in Bega, how the Raiders went in the All Stars match, and preview the 2011 season.

Raidercast: Round 1 2011 Preview "The Start of Something Big".mp3
In this show I give my frank opinion about Matt Orford's signing with the Raiders, which in hindsight I was spot on about, unfortunately. I also get stuck into the NSWRL and their stupid new rules, preview the 2011 season and round 1 against the Sharks.

Raidercast: Round 2 2011 Preview.mp3
This episode reviews the great round 1 match against the Sharks when Sam Williams won man of the match in his NRL debut. It also previews the round 2 Friday night footy blockbuster between the Raiders and Broncos in Canberra.

Raidercast: Round 3 2011 Preview.mp3
In the 4th Raidercast episode I review the Raiders V Broncos Friday night footy match, talk about some of the issues facing the Raiders team, Matt Orford cops another spray, and I preview the round 3 match between the Raiders and Tigers.

Raidercast: Round 4 2011 Preview.mp3
This episode features a review of the round 3 match between the Raiders and Tigers and a preview of the upcoming round 4 clash against the Titans. I also chat about the Raiders' mounting injury toll.

Raidercast: Round 5 2011 Preview.mp3
This show is my personal favorite out of the 2011 Raidercasts, despite it being a very bad week for the Green Machine. In this show, a few Raiders cop a piece of my mind as I let out my frustrations about the heartbreaking loss to the Titans in round 4. I also preview the upcoming match in round 5 against the Panthers.

Raidercast: Round 6 2011 Preview.mp3
A short quick episode, this Raidercast previews the round 6 match against the Cowboys.

Raidercast: Round 7 2011 "Easter Special".mp3
This was the last Raidercast episode for the 2011 season, as after this show I moved house and as a result was way too busy to be able to do another show for quite awhile. In the Round 7 "Easter Special" I review the round 6 match against the Cowboys and preview the round 7 match against the Knights.

Raidercast 2012:

Raidercast: Season 2012 Preview.mp3
Without doubt the best Raidercast episode to date in my opinion. In this, the only show in 2012, we relive an epic Raiders win from the 2011 season, check in with Renee at the Raiders news centre to catch up with the latest off-season news, get a full preview of the upcoming 2012 season, and profile one of the young Raiders playmakers who took out the RNA player of the year award in 2011. I also pay tribute to a true Raiders legend, Alan Tongue, who retired at the end of 2011.
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Re: Raidercast Canberra Raiders Podcasts Rereleased

Posted By: Chase94
Reply #1 January 20, 2013, 05:01:26 PM
Much better!


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