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A note RE: The Canberra Times

Posted By: RNA
May 26, 2011, 09:50:53 AM
To all RNA users, moderators and administrators:

raiders.net.au has received the following message from the Canberra Times...

Hi there, could users and admins of your site please respect the work we do by not pasting whole CT stories and/or photos on your site. 1/3

We've had co-op from Greenhouse and hope for same from raiders.net.au We're happy with headlines, opening paragraphs and links to our site.

Thanks in advance, JP Moloney, Deputy Ed - Sport, The Canberra Times. If you'd like to discuss, pls call me on 02 6XXXXXXX 3/3

We would ask that everyone respects the wishes of the Canberra Times by not posting any full news articles from them. Headlines, links and the opening summary are fine, but no full stories, link to the CT website for the full story instead, or support the CT further and buy the paper.

Posters please remember to include the source of the news posts at the bottom, no matter what company/newspaper/website/etc it came from.

Thank you all for your cooperation. :victory:

raiders.net.au Administration
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