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Canberra Raiders iPhone Wallpapers

Posted By: RNA
January 02, 2012, 02:08:55 AM
This thread contains free Canberra Raiders iPhone wallpaper previews and download links.
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Re: Canberra Raiders iPhone Wallpaper

Posted By: RNA
Reply #1 January 02, 2012, 02:23:44 AM
Canberra Raiders RNA iPhone Wallpaper 1

With this simple 2 image wallpaper set you can turn your iPhone into a real little green machine! Use the 2nd image as your home screen wallpaper for easier viewing of your apps. Looks especially good on the iPhone4s retina display.

Lock screen wallpaper:

Download: RaidersRNA_iPhone_Wallpaper_lockscreen1.jpg (right click link and select "save as")

Home screen wallpaper:

Download: RaidersRNA_iPhone_Wallpaper_homescreen1.jpg (right click link and select "save as")
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